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Nov 8, 2017 in Informative



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The letter serves a final warning to your unprofessional communication with your colleagues.

Based on your previous abusive message to your colleague, you are informed that use of profanity and abusive language in you message will not be tolerated  by the company. You are expected to maintain professional communication with your colleagues.

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It has come to our know knowledge that you have severally made use of abusing language towards your colleagues. It is important to maintain all round working ethics. Word usage in your communication must adhere to company communication rules and all offensive words must be avoided.  

Be advised that future references to your senior in abusive language are subject to disciplinary measures including but not limited to suspension from work. It is important to respect your seniors, and therefore refrain from referring to your seniors in abusive tones and language. Poorly written communication is likely to enhance conflict in our working environment.

Be advised that communications within departments should be formally made. Any unsatisfactory behavior by your senior should be reported to the Dispute Department promptly.


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