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1. (UPK). What would be the value of making NAEYC accreditation a requirement for programs that want to participate? Be specific about the benefits of accreditation.

First of all, it is important to put an emphasis on the fact that the core requirement for the Early Childhood Education program in accordance with the NAEYC accreditation requirements are the following: there is a need of demonstration whether the programs meet the specific requirements in terms of the four-step process of accreditation or not. The first step implies the self-study (or enrolment) – all the programs which are directed for the Self-Study Kit tolls practical application in order to improve the program.

The second step implies self-assessment (or application). The eligibility requirements should be followed at this stage. At this stage, the candidates who would participate in the program are tested in terms of their educational qualification, which is needed for the staff teaching and program administration. The last stage implies accreditation and decision. Generally, it is possible to state the fact that these requirements are directed for the educational program testing in order to put it on the high professional and quality level.

Answer Question 2

2. What are the MA Department of Early Education and Care required ratios in centers (not family child care) for infants? _______ for toddlers? ________ for preschool?_________ (Look for these on their website. URL is in Blackboard.) 5 pts. Why is a good ratio of caregivers to children considered to be essential to quality child care? 15pts.

The core essence of the good ratio of caregivers for the effective educational process is the allocation of the attention between the participants of the educational process in order to support and develop the skills and abilities of children. Furthermore, those kids who have established the positive relations with their care providers would feel comfortable within the child care setting. Such achievement may be considered as the best indicator of the whole educational program.

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Answer Question 3

3. You read about many models of early childhood programs in ch. 2. Do you think one type of program could meet the needs of all children and families? Support your answer.

To my opinion, Abecedarian project may be considered as one of the most effective, because it implies the intensive intervention which involves children into the full-day educational process. The groups of children are divided by age from infancy to kindergarten. There are following advantages of the program as minimised use of special education and less grade retention. Moreover, the program is developed in such a manner that it is similar to the placement to the special education, and that is why children’s IQ scores are higher in such case.

Answer Question 4

4. What are some particular advantages and potential disadvantages to children and families provided by each of these types of programs (at least 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage for each). Use the text, but also your own thoughts.

Family Child Care

The advantages are as follows: care is obtained by kids in home situations; small rate of child-provider ratios; close and convenient environment created by family providers; superior training and experience; availability of strong network of family providers; option of team working between providers and parents

For-Profit Child Care

Among the core advantages, it is possible to consider the individual approach towards a child, but at the same time, the high cost of such education is affordable not to every family.

Employer-Sponsored Child Care

Among the advantages, it is possible to outline the following: tailored attitude towards the needs of each particular client; arrangements, which may be held as consortium, near-site or on-site; good health care programs directed against obesity, because they install the habits of the healthy lifestyle form the early childhood.

Answer Question 5

5. Since it was founded in 1965 the Head Start program has never had its budget cut by Congress. Do you think this program model is a good use of federal funds? Why or why not? Be sure to refer to specific characteristics of the program.

First of all, it is important to put an emphasis on the fact that the program is directed towards providing the comprehensive nutrition, health, education and parent involvement programs for the families with the low income rate. That is why, the fact that the funding of this program has been never limited or restricted by the Congress is the evident fact of the careful attitude of the unprotected and vulnerable segment of the US population and providing the children of the low-income families with an option of obtaining equal knowledge and health services.

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