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Nov 8, 2017 in Informative

Importance of Public Health Issues


Public health is actually a wide-ranging concept that consists of a number of issues, which have to be discussed on a daily basis. People should understand the importance of public health issues and its main essence that is all about helping people to be healthy and avoid problems with health. The definition of public health as follows: public health is the science that aims at preventing diseases, investigating threats to human health, informing society about the most appropriate precautions, and identifying health as the most important issue in life. One of the possible ways to avoid such problems is to take a vaccine in time. Parents know that nowadays it is so easy to get an infection that spreads among children through air (Vaccinations for children a minor risk worth taking 2012), and that is why they have to take some preventive steps to protect their children’s health. 

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There are many public health conferences during which issues like importance of child vaccination are discussed. For example, the experts admit that timely vaccination helps to reduce a number of missed opportunities that can lead to unpredictable human deaths (Ronan 2012). It is necessary to take a vaccination at the routine age: if a child does not have healthy problems, it does not prevent emergence of some problems in the nearest future. Teenagers without vaccinations are at high risk of getting sick at schools. The point is that parents know that vaccination may reduce the level of illness; still, they are not sure of the quality and safety of vaccines offered. Even the results showed by the professionals that people may be protected from HIV infection due to a vaccine (Cresswell 2009) do not serve as a powerful reason to support the idea of vaccination. Doctors admit that vaccination has to be taken by all children, and Dr. Paul Effler, in particular, tells that those parents, who do not want their children taking vaccination, are considered to be “potential ramifications for the most vulnerable in our society” (Low vaccination rates put most vulnerable at risk 2012).

A kind of stimulus was recently offered to the society that may encourage parents to protect their children and agree to vaccination. The federal government will axe $258 paid “regardless of income to families of fully immunized children aged to five” (Metherell 2011). Such step will promote in-time vaccination that is so necessary to children. Sometimes, it is not enough to give clear explanations of why vaccination is important, still, if such explanations are supported by some financial details, people are eager to listen to them.

Personal Reflection

Though public health is the issue that causes a number of debates all the time, people should have their own position and use personal experience and knowledge for protection. There is no need to follow some particular standards or consider someone’s points of view. Your health is your concern, and it is your decision whether to trust professionals and follow their suggestions or not. The breadths of items that usually make up public health, like the importance of vaccination, are clear and definite indeed, still, the level of human comprehension may differ, and that is the main problem. Public health and child vaccination in particular should never be neglected by the society. If there is an opportunity to improve health and avoid serious problems, people should use this chance and follow the suggestions offered.

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