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Nov 8, 2017 in Informative

Implementing Change: Pepsi Crystal

Change Pepsi Crystal Summary Example

After realizing that the Pepsi Crystal had lost a substantial number of its loyal customers to other alternative products in the market, its producer accepted the offer to sell the product to an immediate competitor. The product had to undergo a series of changes before being re-introduced into the market. First, a number of versions of the product were produced so that there were different tastes for the same product. This was considered to be a qualitative approach needed to attract a substantial number of customers with respect to the differences associated with their ages, occupation and gender. There were about three sub-products derived from the initial product in order to target different genders and social classes. For instance, one of the products was packaged afresh to assume attractive colors and tin-can shape. This was meant for student-women in the higher institutions. It should also be noted that both the price and content of the product were slightly reduced so that a resultant lower price was charged to these target group. The price was set below the sales tax-cut, hence, these customers managed to save by consuming the product.

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The second product was packaged in a tin-can targeting the male students. Unlike the first product, whose container assumed pear-shape, the second one was designed in a mannish manner. The third product was produced in rather larger sizes so that its targets were mainly the working class. The price was also higher in comparison to the other tin-cans. Notwithstanding, the new producer also sought newer ways of distributing the product in the market in order to reach the different niches. This approach manifested itself with the increased level of revenue the company managed in the first year of operation. This means that the alterations made by the company was significant enough to be translated into major profits and larger sales volume altogether.

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