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Nov 8, 2017 in Informative

Hospitality Law Conference


Hospitality law conference is an event attended by the managers, owners, lawyers and anyone interested in matters concerning the hospitality industry. It is held once a year especially in the month of February. In the year 2012 it was held in Houston Texas with discussions focusing on management company deals with hotel owners, issues of sexual harassment, wages of the tipped hourly employees and choice between equality and equity in treatment of workers.

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There are studies that highlight on the management companies and the owners of businesses involved and how to resolve disputes arising from these agreements. According to the Stephen Barth, one of the sponsors of the conference, management companies are more of interested parties in the hotel and hospitality industry than in the past. The agreements such as letters of intent (LOIs) which are not binding need to be looked more seriously on any hidden information that may cause significant distress between the owners and the managing companies. Mr. Barth notes that management companies have their share of interest in the hospitality industry through either equity or financing. He notes that lawyers should be well acquainted with matters relating to financing to help guide the legal tussles that may arise from the various agreements signed (Serlen, 2012).

It is critical for all lawyers to be versed with information pertaining to any agreement with the possible repercussions that may arise.  This would help avoid ugly legal tussles in the hospitality industry and build a cordial relationship between hotel owners and managing companies.

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