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Position Announcement Page

Position: Pricing Analyst

Type of assignment
Writer level
Number of pages
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Company: Ashton Lane Group Inc

Location: New York, NY, 10001

Compensation: Excellent Base and Bonus

Position Type: Permanent.

Employment Type: Full Time.

eFC Reference number: 866128

Key Work Role: Support the valuations and control within a leading international asset management firm.


  • Review the daily prices of fixed income and Equity Inventory from various sources: including pricing services, brokers, Bloomberg and portfolio managers.
  • Investigate and correct discrepancies.
  • Ensure that accurate and consistent prices are reflected in trading systems; including the provision of manual price loading where automated prices are not appropriate.
  • Produce and review daily price reports of fixed Income and Equity Inventories using a purpose built pricing control database. The position also requires one to suggest and initiate enhancements to the existing reports.
  • Upload and entry of derivative pricing inputs : FX Rates, interest rate yield curves and futures/options prices into trading systems, etc
  • Assist in automation/system upgrades and suggest process changes as needed.
  • Adherence to a robust set of procedural controls around pricing exception reporting process – including escalation and aging of exceptions as well as reporting aimed at senior department management to highlight the same.
  • Assist in the preparation of PowerPoint presentations to monitor against team targets and present controls to department management.
  • Interact with Risk Management, Portfolio Managers, External Asset Managers, and Finance Operations.


  • 3+ years year’s valuations / product control experience within financial services industry
  • Strong attention to detail and understanding of valuation within the context of main financial markets (fixed income, credit, equity)
  • Investment banking/hedge fund background with experience in operating and maintaining a data control environment as related to daily valuation;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proven ability in and enthusiasm for working in an international environment
  • Strong team player
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a dynamic team environment
  • Undergraduate degree in Business, Finance or Economics.

For immediate consideration, please forward resume and contact details to: ___

Ashton Lane Group is a boutique executive recruitment firm serving the Banking, Insurance, and Alternative Investment sectors. For the latest opportunities, visit

Application Letter Example


Mr. Peter Wayne, Recruitment Officer,

Human Resource Department,

Ashton Lane Group, Inc
51 JFK Parkway
First Floor West
Short Hills, NJ 07078

Dear Mr Wayne:

Application for Pricing Analyst Position

In response to your advertisement in the website on May,18, 2012 with Job Reference ID: 866128 requiring to fill the above position, am writing to inform you that my academic skills and qualifications meet the postion’s requirement.

Educational Background

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As indicated in my resume, I shall graduate from ___ university on ___ with a Bachelor’s degree in ___ with ___ option.

Work Experience

I have sound experience in investment analysis after having worked as a stock analyst assistant in ___ firm during my eight months internship with them. Further, I have gained reliable experience in online asset portfolio pricing from our family Forex Trading Investment, in which I assist in Forex Analysis and critical decision making every weekday through online correspondence and every weekend. I have particiapated as a volunteer in the Investment Studies Department in our faculty for six months during which period I gained considerable expertise in Investment markets analysis.

Personal Skills

I have good leadership skills, and have served in the campus students’ association as a student representative in various capacities as evidenced by my resume. I also have strong interpersonal and communication skills. I value dedication to a course and integrity in goal achievement.

Professionalism, dedication and commitment – your core values, are an interesting reason for my eagerness to work with your company.

I would be greatly honored to become part of Ashley Lane Group. I will call you in one week to confirm that you received my application letter and to schedule an interview. I look forward to meeting you. My daytime contact number is ___ in case you need to reach me.

Follow Up Letter

Personal Adress,

___ , ___

May 29, 2012.

Mr. Peter Wayne, Recruitment Officer,

Human Resource Department,

Ashton Lane Group, Inc
51 JFK Parkway
First Floor West
Short Hills, NJ 07078

Dear Mr Wayne:

Thank you very much for accepting to interview me. It was very nice and insightful to meet and talk to you. You elaborate the different prospects of a pricing analyst in Ashley Lane Group, and from the interview, I became confident and strongly believe that I am a qualified and suitable candidate for the job. My educational background, communication skills and leadership qualities will suit your position’s requirements.

The core values of Ashley Lane Group, Inc. makes the firm well-known for its professionalism, prestige and excellent services delivery. I am looking forward to an opportunity to work for one of the greatest career consulting firms in America. I believe that my skills and work experience will not only better the firm’s overall performance but also strengthen the firm’s core values.

If you have any additional queries about my background, education or work experience please do not hesitate to contact me on ___ (phone number). I look forward to working with you.


Yena Meng.

Sample Questions

  1. What particularly interested you about the position?

The fact that it directly relates to my education course and that I am always interested in Investment and value creation. The position gives me an excellent position to not only work with a prestigious firm, but also do what I am trained to do and enjoy doing.

  1. Why are you the best suited candidate for this job?

Firstly, it is my line of study. Secondly, I have the necessary experience for this kind of work from previous assignments with similar requirements and I therefore will bring value to your company. In addition, this position will not just be a source of income for me, but more importantly, a source of livelihood in doing something I enjoy.

  1. What can we expect from you if we hire you?

You can expect excellent service delivery, a consistent increase in Service Level Agreement with the firm’s clients as far as my positional contributions are concerned.

  1. Why did you choose the Ashley Group?

It is a very prestigious firm with a track record of excellent service delivery. Owing to this, it would be a very strategic opportunity for career growth as well as a great challenge to work with a company of Ashley Lane’s status. I also believe that it would create great satisfaction to be associated with a winning team.

  1. In case we hire you, what salary would you expect from our company?

This would not be rigidly fixed, an open issue for discussion between yourselves and me. However, I would expect it to be competitive in accordance to market standards, somewhere in the estimates of ___ dollars per annum.

  1. In case your application is successful, how soon would you be available to start work?

As soon as I graduate from the University, in __ (time). However, I would be available on part time during weekends before graduating or online any day for not more than three hours per day till I graduate.

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