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Before its illegalization, cocaine was an ingredient incorporated in cigarettes and soft drinks. Besides, Cocaine was used in therapeutically treatment of common maladies and was used as a painkiller (Stop Addiction. Com. 2012). Surgical procedures made use of cocaine as anesthesia.

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When consumed, cocaine causes short-term “high” that is immediately followed by immense depression and strong desire to consume more. Consumers experience high heart beat rates, convulsions and muscle contractions. The drug causes extreme changes in moods and risk of respiratory and heart failures. Long term effects of cocaine causes dependency, loss of sleep and appetite (Foundation for Drug free world 2009). Consumers experience horrific hallucination as the drug interferes with the chemical processes of the brain. Cocaine addicts experience lack of interest in life due to depression

“Crank” is suitable for smoking as it is conveniently acquired by boiling cocaine powder and baking soda to solid form. “snow” is cocaine powder and its best taken through snorting (Foundation for Drug free world 2009).

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The passing of the Harrison act in 1914 December facilitated the initial ban against cocaine. The act called for ban against non-medical use of cocaine and importation of the drug.


In Michigan State, conviction for use of heroin results in jail term of up to one year, fine worth $2000 or both. Possession of between 50 grams of heroine to 1,000 grams results in jail term of up to four years to lifetime jail or fine ranging from $25,000 to $1000000. In some cases, both fine and jail term convictions are carried out. Posession of cocaine is a serious felony in Michigan. Possession of minimum of 50grams to 1000grams or more of cocaine is likely to result in minimum fine of $25000 or jail term of not more than four years or both penalties (Kronzek & Cronkright 1). The maximum penalty for cocaine possession is fine of $1000000 or jail term of up tp life sentence or both penalties may be applied.


One approach for treating heroine dependence is to substitute it with alternate drug such as buprenorphine or methadone. The alternate drug is given in doses that do not cause the addict to become “high.” The doses are gradually minimized until the victim becomes free of the drug. Cocaine dependence may be treated through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) (Stop Addiction. Com. 2012). The psychotherapy treatment aims at changing the behavioral pattern related to the abuse of cocaine.

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