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Nov 8, 2017 in Informative

Direct Email

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This is the sending of direct email from a business to the consumers. The messages sent are promotional messages in most cases. Brownlow (2010, par. 5) argues that these messages might take the form of an argument about a special offer for instance. This is often possible because corporate bodies do collect information about the contacts of their customers. This makes it easy for the business organizations to reach out to the existing customers and inform them of new offer; new goods or any other issue related to the goods that the business body is dealing with and which the existing customers might be interested in. it has been reported that the there are cases whereby companies can lend other emails address for the purposes of sending business emails.

Emails for the Purpose of Advertising

Apart from being used as means of promotional methods, emails can also used as retention tools. When used as retention tools, emails are designed to as newsletters and will carry promotional messages or even advertisements which will be aimed at developing a long term impact on the recipient. Such messages are meant to maintain the customers of an organization and keep the relationship going on. At times the organizations make use of other people’s emails. It is reported that there are emails which are created for this purpose. It is obvious that the email addresses have made communication of sales messages to be quite cheap. As compared to using of postal addresses, using of the email addresses has become quite cheap because the expenses which are involved in the case of sending the mails are quite minimal.

Despite the appropriateness of the emails services particularly for the marketing purpose, there have been restrictions on the use of emails for advertising purposes. For instance the European Union has put in place some laws which govern the use of emails for the purpose of advertising. Under the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communication, there is a prohibition against the use of emails for the purpose of advertising. The member states of the Union have adopted the law and it is being implemented under different laws. Some of the members’ nations have placed very punitive measures on the violation. The United States also has violation laws concerning the use of emails for the purpose of marketing. All these restrictions put the business organizations on the watch against violating the laws regulating email marketing (Sweeney 2004, p. 254). This has made the number of emails sent over the mail to reduce drastically though it is still used to widely by many companies one of their marketing strategies. The next section reviews how technology can be used to direct the customer to where a business premise is located.

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