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Nov 8, 2017 in Informative

Desktop or Web-Based Scheduling System


Scheduling system is the way an organization carries its services by connecting employees, administration and customers and clients to maximize their resources. Before the invention of online scheduling system, most organizations were using traditional scheduling system to carry out their activities such as booking of appointments and reservations of their customers, clients, patients and even students. This system imposed many challenges including high costs involved, loss of sales and a lot of manual data taking and record keeping. Therefore, online scheduling has overcome most of these challenges.

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Desktop and Web-Based Scheduling System

This is the online scheduling system that has been adopted by most of the organization for appointments and reservation bookings, shifts allocation thus helps in maximizing the available resources. This system can be applied across all sizes organization and in different sectors like health, learning institutions, airline companies, and manufacturing firms.

The technology has developed certain software tools that allow scheduling to be carried easily and faster and effectively. Examples of this software that are used in scheduling include SchedulingAnywhere, Method Integration and Actenum. Desktop scheduling system is where software is installed in the computer and scheduling is accessed from there like use of QuickBooks. Web-based scheduling is where internet connection enables an organization to obtain software that schedules its activities online from anywhere, anytime.

Features of Online Scheduling

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Web-based scheduling is fast and easy than manual scheduling because details are provided online by the customer or client. For example, if people want to book for airline ticket then, they will fill online form provided by that particular company and the reservation is made immediately instead of going personally to their office for booking which is time consuming and cost of making calls.

Web-based scheduling is flexible in relation to time, and cost because most of them work 24/7; everything is automated as compared to manual where time is an issue with human beings because they can’t work 24hours hence additional cost of employing more to work in shifts. Bookings can be done anytime, anywhere regardless of the place and time of the day unlike manual where it is done during a specific period like 8a.m. to 5p.m.

Online scheduling suits all sizes of organization in terms of the number of employees, resources available and capacity handling. Modifications can be made to suit organization needs and requirements. For example, an industry with many employees may decide to allocate shifts to its employees; this can be done with this software without double allocation or not allocating at all.

Capabilities and Benefits

For those organizations that have adopted this system, they have realized a greater difference in their organization. For example, SchedulingAnywhere has enabled Southern Company to have efficient communication among its employees. Also, it has enabled U.S. Air Force to reduce errors that occur during scheduling like shift allocation.

Web-based online maintains is record in a manner that is safe, orderly and easily accessible thus when a company wishes to write a report, it is easy to compile, analyze and form a report. This has enabled many organizations to plan their activities, draw clearly projected budget and target in a specific period of time.

Online scheduling has a feature which is referred as reminder where it always sends a message, or email to remind the bookings made earlier or shift time this helps in reducing no-show cases. It can also help to show when an employee is not available due to sickness or leave.

It has helped greatly in cutting down the cost of employing extra staff to handle calls made by clients, respond to their emails because everything is automated. Also, it has increased sales which would have been lost if the business was not 24/7 thus there is increased sales hence resource maximization for profit earning.  


Adoption of online scheduling has helped many organizations in the scheduling process which had many challenges in the past. With modern technology, software tools are developed to make organizations run efficiently and effectively.

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