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Nov 8, 2017 in Informative

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The History of Motion Picture Industry

The history of motion picture industry began at the end of the 19th century. It has accumulated a lot of material to perform educational, informing and entertainment functions in the contemporary world. Movie has been improving all the time. Modern viewer is free to choose a movie to watch according to its genre, duration, country of origin, actors. Nowadays it is becoming increasingly specialized, each genre offers experiences for different viewers. People enjoy watching scientific, documentary, musical, romance or drama, comedy, thriller, horror movies. This essay aims to analyze the peculiarities of comedy, drama and horror movies.


Comedies are considered to be the most popular movies because they always bring fun and amuse audience. The main target of comedy is to entertain its viewer. That is why it requires special technique of producer’s performance, actors’ playing, and scenario’s organization. Creating comedy movie producers use special devices of exaggeration, satire, and mockery. Its key element is humor. These films are based on funny stories, and usually the special comedy actors take part in them. Cinema goers love such movies because they can recognize themselves in some situations on the screen and laugh when somebody is put down in the story. Those movies are always full of positive emotions and reach happy end as usual.

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Another popular genre of the movie is drama. The main purpose of drama is to provoke appealing feelings. As usual, producers create dramas on the base of realistic events that contemporary society experiences. This genre includes a lot of subgenres among which romantic drama is the most popular. These films are based on touching stories of love. The key element of drama is a conflict between its characters. Movies show viewers complicated spectrum of characters’ emotions, their intentions to change life or even commit suicide because of not realized dreams and goals. Romantic films prompt viewers to think about life and compare the way actors deal with their life dilemma in the screen. They do not always include happy endings. Sometimes these films have no endings at all so that the audience could hit upon the stories’ upshots by themselves. Romantic drama movies contain intrigue that submerges a viewer in the atmosphere of love emotions. Drama movies are much popular among women. They are also the most loved genre of aged people because they give an opportunity for them to get dipped in the flashbacks of sweet youth and to remember all pleasant moments of the first love and dates.


There is another much popular movie genre nowadays that is called horror films. The target of the horror genre is to evoke negative emotions of viewers. These films include a great number of scare moments and never end in a happy way. Producers create the peculiar atmosphere of movies by means of fantasy, horrific scenes, depicting supernatural effects. Murders and mysticism are quite common for horror films, and that is why they are popular among special audience. The films are aimed to entertain people of different age groups, but the watching is very often restricted for definite age groups. Horror films do not bring positive emotions to the viewers except the times when they reach happy endings, but that happens rarely. Teenagers usually enjoy these films because they can make laugh at one who is scared.


In conclusion, each movie genre is popular with a specific audience depending on the age, mood and interests of people. It is important to watch the novelties of the cinema, no matter to what genre they belong, in this way people will broaden their scope and find a lot in common with people of different age groups.

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