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Benjamin Franklin Legacy

Benjamin Franklin is known to have been a writer and a painter although his works rest on “poor Richard’s Almanack”, his achievements are much grater. He was considered the most accomplished printer. In colonial America with his edition 0f Cicero’s Cato major” He was instrumental in the first monthly Magazine for the American colonies (General Magazine) which lasted for six issues. This led to founding Of the American Philosophical Society which is also the oldest scientific society in America. This Franklin Proposed to the people to change ideas and make which would enhance and benefit mankind since They would share ideas on fields of natural and applied science. Franklin encouraged communication between the learned societies to continue even during the Revolution when he was the acting society Secretary during the early years and later as the president of the United States.

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He printed in Roman Type without music the rare second compilation of Beissel’s hymns in 1732. The printing of Pennsylvania Bills of credit was left to Benjamin Franklin since he had written and published a pamphlet on the need on 22 April 2010.For paper currency. He devised ways to foil counterfeiter’s b y use of mica in the paper and leaf Imprints. Education was also one of the improved sectors by Franklin, after his death He left substantial Bequests to fund public education in Philadelphia and Boston and by 1990 the remaining funds went to Schools and scholarship funds. Benjamin Franklin invented the stove which became popular in England and Europe although he wrote about it to promote sales of a model being manufactured by his friend.

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The manufacture of the bifocal glasses is also credited to him. His contributions to the knowledge of Lightning and electricity were awarded the Copley Medal of the royal society, his theory of positive and Negative charges suggesting the electrical nature of lightning. His formulation of the general theory of Electrical “action” won him an international reputation in pure science. He explained the effects of Lightning on different metals and also gave a remedy for avoiding lightning “he stated that by use of a Tall grounded rod this would protect against lightning”. He also gave ideas on how to avoid the common Cold. The Franklin’s armonica was also one of the inventions he came up with although it was an improved version of the musical glassea invented by Richard Puckeridge. This was famous in Europe with Mozart and Beethoven composing music for it.

Being the president of the Pennsylvania anti-slavery society he appealed for emancipation of slaves and asked for support from the public, he also encouraged the education of free blacks and there children so As to facilitate their progress towards good citizenship. His post to power as the president of Pennsylvania led to signing of the “bill of sale” in 1787. He was also instrumental in drafting the Declaration of independence and the articles of confederation to form a new union. He was one of the First ministers to France where he helped to negotiate a peace treaty which led to the end of the Revolutionary War securing the United States ownership of a vast territory between the Mississippi river and the Atlantic ocean. After his death in 1790 Benjamin Franklin became a celebrity with many.

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