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Nov 8, 2017 in Informative



Right from the moment when people are born much goes on in their life. Some of them are born lucky, and yet the others unfortunate. The fate of every person is different. There are those, who were not so lucky to see their parents, the others demised just a short while after coming to this world. I am happy not to be among those people. I have lived through my childhood up to now and I thank the Almighty for that.

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The environment, in which the individuals dwell, has a lot of impacts on their life, such as the kind of character they have and the decisions they make. My childhood was a happy one. I was born in a small town in Missouri, where both my parents worked. My father was a lawyer and my mother was a clerk in a law firm. Most of the time I was at home with the house-help, until I was old enough to join the baby care. There, I was able to interact with lot of children, though at that time I did not appreciate it. After that, I went to the first grade, completed and joined high school.

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In the first grade I was not the best student. I was mostly that student who was not able to go to the class early. However, everything changed once I reached the middle school. I focused on my studies and before I knew it, I was through and had passed brilliantly. I remember the day the results were announced; I rushed home and happily presented them to my parents. They were very proud and the plans to join the high school were made. My father bought me a second hand computer.

I was also active in co-curricular activities, such as football. Nevertheless, I was not able to join the school team because I had to study extra hard. My parents always told me that if I played too much, I would end up failing my exams. I clearly did not want that to happen.

I had many friends and we did a lot of things together, such as studying, riding bicycles and playing childhood games. It is the friendship that I still value. Unfortunately, that friendship did not last for long, since, my father was transferred and we had to move to New York. I did not make many new friends there though.

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After joining high school, I studied whenever I could and my passion for football continued. This time I joined the school football team. We could go to other schools so often to challenge them. Our team won several matches and we got 10 trophies to attest to that.

Back in high school, my favorite subjects were Mathematics and Biology. I loved Biology but for some reason I was not passing it the way I expected. The best I could manage was a grade B. I tried my best to make the grades better. All my efforts proved to be futile. It is not once that I went to my Biology teacher, Mr. John Stewart, to consult him on how I could get an extra credit. He gave me a lot of remedial work but still it did not work. People say that one should not give up but I did. I came up with a way to share the time set aside for Biology for the other subjects. 

At one point in high school, one has to choose what subject to major in. With Biology out of the question, I was now torn between mathematics and computer studies. Ever since my father bought me that computer, I developed a passion them. I was quite curious on how they work. The world news were mostly highlighting the state of technology in the world with Bill Gates, CEO of the Microsoft Corporation, being at the center. Soon some other companies such as Google, Samsung and Yahoo started to surface. Not long after that hackers started hacking websites. This really intrigued and channeled me into computer programming. By my third year in high school I was a proficient programmer in PHP (hypertext preprocessor), a language which is used in creating the websites. Therefore, when it came to making a choice in the subject to major in, Computer Science was at the top of the list.

During my second year of high school, the inevitable happened. Things were not working well between my parents and they decided to separate. I earnestly hoped that they would find a way to reunion. The joy that we had shared as a family was now gone. I was clinging on the hope that they had just separated and soon would be back together. Anyway, a year later, my mother asked for a divorce. The hopes I had about our family coming back together were shattered to pieces and it dawned on me that it would never happen. I went to live with my mother in South California and until today I have never seen my father again, except for the photographs of him that I still keep.

Short Life Story Summary

In my short life history, I have had my highs and lows. I have true friends who are there for me to share my joys and sorrows. I treasure them so much, because without them I would not know what to do. That should be the case for every child in the universe. There is no way that a person can coexist alone. People should strive together as a community and support one another when the situation calls for. So many people have lost hope in life. All they need to know is that not everything is lost. There is still a way in which they can be able to make it. They have to rise, shake the dust off and take the first step into positive thinking. Soon they will realize that they were wrong all along and that there is always hope ahead for each one of us.

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