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Metabolic Syndrome Free Essay Sample

To begin with, metabolic syndrome has recently become a very significant phenomenon affecting the whole of humanity. Furthermore, this issue is gradually becoming more and more global, because it is spreading amongst people with high speed. Unfortunately, more and more modern people are suffering now from diabetes and obesity, which are caused by different factors such as eating manners, especially speed of food consumption. As a result, the objective of the research was to identify how eating speed influences the development of metabolic syndrome considering elder and middle-aged generations of Japanese citizens.

Firstly, the investigation was accurately and thoroughly conducted by the most eminent Japanese health researchers, namely Bing Zhu and Takako Yamazaki, who used enthralling methodology for their study. For example, from 2008 to 2011 the scientists investigated 8941 inhabitants of Soka City, Satimata prefecture, whose age varied from 40 to 75 years. Those people did not have metabolic syndrome, but they had been investigated for 3 years to receive clear and accurate results. The most interesting fact about the methods of research is that the scientists paid their attention to the factors contributing least to the results. For instance, they examined factors connected with the lifestyle of the respondents and conducted series of atmosphere measurements. Finally, they used proportional hazards models Cox, which were determined for potential confounding variables to define the connection between the probability of development of the metabolic syndrome and the speed of eating. It is obvious from everything stated above that scientists applied unique methodology, which was based on thorough and accurate observation of almost 10,000 people for a long period of time. Thus, there are no reasons to doubt the correctness of the results of their work.

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Secondly, the results of the investigation were very powerful and proved its main idea that metabolic syndrome is closely connected with the speed of eating. Moreover, the researches helped to identify the ratio between the eating speed and lifestyle of the Japanese people aged from 40 to 75 with a probability of development of the metabolic syndrome. For instance, there were found 647 individuals, who were noticed to have metabolic syndrome, during the investigation lasting for 3 years, which is 25.0 cases per 1,000 person-years. This is a notable example of how the disease can develop easily in a short period of time. The most important consequence of the survey was the statement that people who ate fast were registered with 3.1% of the incidence of metabolic syndrome. Nevertheless, those who did not eat fast had a fewer frequency of metabolic syndrome development, only 2.3%. Furthermore, it was stated above that researchers used Cox’s proportion to define metabolic syndrome’s incidence hazard ratio, which was multivariate and adjusted at the same time. For instance, this ratio between people eating fast and people, who did not eat fast, was 1.3% with a confidence interval of 95%, which, in its turn varied from 1.05 to 1.6. The abundance of different confounding factors was considered before the results of the research were represented. More by token, the speed of eating of these people significantly impacted high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and wide circumference of integral parts of various factors, which contributed to the development of the metabolic syndrome. Besides, proportions of Cox were 1.35 comparing groups of people, who ate fast, and reference group with a confidence interval of 95%. For waist circumference from 1.1 to 1.66, and HDL-C’s confidence interval of 95% varying from 1.12 to 1.67. The scientists expressed a few major hypotheses why the research provided such results. First of all, if a person gets used to eating fast, he or she may overeat sometimes, since it is hard to feel the sense of fullness in time during quick consumption of food. Secondly, insulin resistance can be easily caused by the high speed of eating, which, in its turn, leads to metabolic syndrome. Finally, the design of the study is powerful, because it allowed the investigators to research a lot of people during a long period of time considering different aspects and causes, which influenced the metabolic syndrome. The survey design helped the authors to achieve a precise and reliable result.

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Additionally, the investigation has a great number of benefits as well as some drawbacks, which need to be considered in the presented paper. The most important positive side of the experiment is that the research was conducted for three years. The length of the period of time, during which a plethora of people with different health conditions was considered, allowed the researchers to claim that their study can accurately and powerfully support their results. The essential difference from the previous cross-sectional studies is that this research determined the role of speed of eating in the development of metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, another significant advantage of the study is the volume of considered people. For instance, the researched sample consisted of 8941 citizens from one prefecture of different ages, while other researchers worked on data about occupational workers and adolescents. As a result, their methods significantly increased the generalization of their findings. Besides, the investigators determined the correlation between all the components of incidence and development of metabolic syndrome and speed of eating. Finally, these strategies will help the followers of the research to determine their results more carefully and give them a unique opportunity to generate more exact information for their surveys.

Nevertheless, the study has a few major drawbacks, which should be considered during the next attempts to investigate the raised topic. The first defect of the research is the subjectivity of the considered data. For example, it is doubtful that investigated people stated accurate information regarding the speed of their eating. Secondly, slow and medium and fast were the two main categories used by scientists to define the speed of eating. This issue was caused by the sample size of one category. Although a lot of parts of the eating process were considered, there is a need to define the rates of eating and the information reported by the citizens more precisely. Moreover, the consumption of people’s energy was not considered during the study. Notwithstanding, the energy consumption of a particular person is closely connected with the topic of study and should be considered before researching how the speed of eating affects people’s health conditions. Therefore, there is an important remark that metabolic syndrome and speed of eating are correlated with the average consumption of energy.

It must be said that there are few main directions, which should be used for further researches in this branch of study. Firstly, the scientists should consider not only one prefecture, but the whole Japanese society, which will make the results more detailed. Nevertheless, it will be even better, if the whole worldwide community will be investigated in the following studies. Besides, future researches should consider the sample, which will have a wider diversity of ages. For example, the considered sample’s age may vary from 10 to 80, because the life expectancy is permanently rising, and at the same time there are now more and more children suffering from metabolic syndrome.

In conclusion, the speed of eating of different people influences the appearance of metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, it was proven during the investigation that if Japanese people eat slowly, it will necessarily reduce the risk of the development of this disease. Nevertheless, it was the first study connected with a correlation of speed of eating with metabolic syndrome, in which a connection between all the parts of the syndrome and speed of food consumption was investigated. Besides, the compilation of large waist circumference and high levels of HDL-C may contribute to the development of metabolic syndrome. Finally, the overall impression of the study is positive, but there should be made a few steps to generalize the results of the study to make it more global and accessible for wider masses of people.

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