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Nov 8, 2017 in Geography


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Germany in 1918-1933, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi

This is a reaction paper which examines the problems incurred by the nation of Germany in the years of 1918 through 1933. This was during the Weimar republic immediately after the nation had involved itself in some kind of civil strife. Mostly this nation faced some internal problems though there were also some external conflicts and the nation did not enjoy any good foreign relations. This paper clearly shows the position of the nation as at that era shows how the Nazi party offered a solution to the problems. The Nazi party was a symbol of unification to the Germany and as such it brought them together against their problems and those that were perceived as their enemies. Though the Nazi party is mostly associated with the great Germany dictator, Adolf Hitler, the paper is not about the leader but on the solutions that were offered by the party.

The year of 1918 was the time immediately after the world war I. it should be noted that the among the nations which were actively involved in the first world war, Germany was of those nations which was quite exploited and had lost so much so much from the ruins of the war. The Germany people were facing economic hard times which they needed to solve urgently and it was generally perceived that economic problems could not be solved under the imperial governance which existed before the world war. The Germany nation at this time was exposed to so many domestic wants that satisfying them was very hard for the government which just been formed (McKenzie 45).

The Weimar republic during its fourteen years of reign faced a lot of challenges. Some of the most pronounced problems that the Germany nation faced at this time were hyperinflation, political paramilitaries and extremism with some of their own personal interests to satisfy. The Germany nation which is claimed to have largely contributed to the World War I is said to have faced a lot of hostilities from the victors of the World War I. A notable challenge was uniting the Germany people who were beginning to split because of ideologies. This difference was manifested practically in the left and right wings politics which are reported to have caused a lot of turmoil and restlessness in the nation (McKenzie 50).

It should be noted that the defeat of the Germany people in the World War I was a thorn to the Germany pride and the groups were playing blaming games on the defeat of Germany nation at the World War I. the Weimar republic struggled to settle this problem.  The military groups brought so many challenges to the stability of the Germany nation. Generally the Weimar republic faced so many uprising and general strikes which made it hard for the Germany economy to grow crippling and bring about hyperinflation (McKenzie 56).

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