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In agricultural geography, the quality of the food that is consumed and the effects that it has in the environment are major factors to be considered. The development of today’s method of food production such as the genetically modified food has led to the environmental and health concerns. Most of the foods are produced via the use of chemicals and the use of heavy machinery. This rise of mechanization in food production has led to a society that is less involved with food that is fresh.

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Background Information

The main focus of this proposal is to analyze the food production and consumption in the Victoria region of Canada, the modern generation of food production and the existing policies implemented to it so as to enable it to be environment friendly. The research was carried out in the Capital District Area of Victoria. After the close of the research and the reporting procedure, the findings were presented at the seminar to the public. Victoria is a region that has a mild climate and good level of annual food production and thus having the potential of being self-sufficient with the production of food. However, today, Victoria is not self-sufficient as it imports approximately 90% of its food from the other islands.

Problem Statement

Production and consumption of food is basically the focal point of all ten social economic and geography explorations. The manner in which food is produced is likely to enhance the production and sustainability of the food systems via the reduction of fossil fuel release to avoid environmental pollution, preservation of the geographical biodiversity, and the development of healthy society. Victoria is capable of being self-sufficient with its production and consumption of food but there are several challenges that need to be handled so as to ensure this.

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Research Questions

  1. What are the consumer’s views and behaviors in relation to the local production and consumption of food and the capability of local food production development?
  2. What strategies are put in place to implement environmental friendly food chain issues and to define the boundaries of these policies?


The question of local food production and consumption is in the focus of a composite network of social economic and ecological issues. Local food production and consumption is likely to progress when food systems are sustained with decreased level of fossil fuels emissions, supplying local markets, contributing to healthy population and biodiversity. Being practically productive in the food production season, Victoria ought to have the prospective of being fundamentally self-sufficient in the production of food.


The methodology applied comprised the qualitative research via the use of questionnaires. The design of the questionnaire included local production and the food consumption section and was grounded principally on preceding qualitative studies established in the Agricultural Geography and the production and consumption of food literature, and on each precise topic. A blend of questions that were open and close-ended was established for every unit of the questionnaire and brought together into a survey of three pages, each comprising on the average 10-15 questions.


The above research proposal concerns the issue of food security, sustainable food production and food consumption in Canada. The development of food policies is widely expanded at all government levels. However, in this case, the policies are aimed at an environment that is free from the modern ways of food production that pose a threat to the it. The objective is therefore to make an outline of the present lawmaking and future rules to be applied to the local food systems. The level of awareness in regard to the environment by the consumer and the producer is an issue that has been overlooked.

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