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Nov 8, 2017 in Economics

Union SEUI

Service Employees international Union

Service Employees international Union SEUI is a labor union in popular in the United States and Puerto Rico. The union represents over 1.8 million employees working in over 100 occupations within these countries (, 2010a). However, its emphasis and focus is mainly targeted at three sectors; public sector workers; health care workers and property services workers. The health care workers make up about half of the organizations membership. These include home care, hospital care and nursing homes workers. The property service industry also provides the organization with a large following ranging from food service workers, security officers and janitors). On the other hand the public service employees range from state government and local governments employees. This organization is the fastest growing labor union in the country with several branches and affiliate organizations (, 2010b).

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This Union has always been on the forefront fighting for the improved work benefits for its members (1199 SEIU Funds, 2010). One of such benefits has been the members pension a war that has earned hatred from various player in the financial industry more so the Wall Street giants. For instance, Collins (2008) notes that, the Wall Street termed the SEUI leadership as being hypocritical in its quest for greater financial benefits for its members. Pension which is the main source of income to retirees who can no longer work and generate themselves with income is an important aspect of a workers life. It is in this regard that the SEUI as a workers labor union is committed to ensuring that retirees have a comfortable after work life.

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The union has instituted several plans for its retired members and those who are still working. All this plans are geared towards realizing improvements in their members’ pension plans. In the month of September 2007 the union has lined up a list of actions that are to be taken to achieve this objective. These actions will includes changing of pension provisions, getting rid of other and coming up with new ones. These changes include:

  • raising the unreduced age if retired from 65 to 67 with a minimum of five years of service as well as rising the retirement age at any age to 32 years of service;
  • increase the reduced retirement at 62 with a minimum of five year of service or 57 with a minimum of 25 years of service;
  • change the benefit formula from 2.2% in the first 30 years of service and 2.5% afterwards to 2.2% for the first 35 years of service and 2.5% afterwards;
  • tie the adjustments in the cost of living to the inflation rate, and change the determination of salary from three high years to five high years.

According to SEUI District 1199 (2010) similar changes had also been proposed by Ohio Public Employees Retirement System and were aimed at making changes on the employees’ pension plans. It is important that pension plan and scheme are place of a constant review and modification planes to accommodate changes on the economic landscape as well as minimize los of retirement benefits of the employees as well as ensure fairness in the payment of this benefits (SEIU Local 1021, 2010).

The adoption or electronic registries will also ensure that the pension schemes of every employee are properly monitored to prevent confusion. When records of employees and their employers are readily available it is essay to determine the sum payable to every retiree when the time of retirement comes.

Certainly, new developments are very important in the present day dynamic world. The employment environment and the economic scenario keep on changing. The interest of the labor union on making changes on pension plans and the legislations made by the government concerning pension schemes is therefore in best interest of the members ensuring that the change does not infringe on the members interests.

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