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It is clear that technology is on the fields in human history that continues to grow with promising future advancements. A few decades ago, nobody could imagine that an idea like internet marketing would turn around business activities globally. Today almost every company in the world has adopted online marketing not only as a way of joining the business wind but as a way fording into the future with a broad mind of expansion generation of opportunities. This growth has revolutionized many businesses and companies around the globe and altered consumer behavior significantly. There is increased efficiency through improved communication and sharing of business ideas.  Many people still do understand why internet marketing has received massive acceptance in the business industry than in any other sector. This research identifies a number of factors which have been seen as catalysts towards adoption of technology in business.

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Internet Marketing and Websites Opportunities

Computers are listed among machines that are mostly used in the world. It has become a common word in the modern dictionary unlike in the 20th century when very people around the world had information about computers. Many children graduate from schools with computer knowledge, a commendable approach in realizing exponential business growth. With the understanding of computers and their power to interconnect several points, sharing of information became quite easy in various parts of the world. As a result, computer use led to office automation before gaining dominance in business. It is worth noting that minus computers, it would be hard for internet marketing to advance and drastically change the business world as witnessed today. Several computer programs have played a significant role in shaping internet marketing. These include but not limited to animation and multimedia which are common in adverts. It is very hard to talk about the internet without mentioning computers. This is because the internet connects people across borders through the World Wide Web which mostly operates using computers.

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Just like computers, mobile phones have exponentially transformed human life including business activities. For the last ten years many people have been able to connect with the rest of the world mobile phones. Although some phones are limited to connect to the internet, many mobile phone companies are considering internet connectivity as one the basic requirement of a mobile phone. Research indicates that almost every family owns a mobile phone. One of the advantages of mobile phones over computers as tools which augment internet marketing is that many people own mobile phones. For instance, if a company considers mobile phones it would reach many people including the middle and less fortunate in the society unlike computers which dominate the lives of the higher class population. These two gadgets are viewed by business experts as boosters in internet marketing and in creating an interactive company-customer relationship. They have played a huge role in generating a proper internet business environment.

Social networks and personal websites. Social networks like facebook and myspace have in recent years completely redefined the lives of many people especially the youth giving several companies a world wide domain of business. Social networks are interactive online sites which allow people in different parts of the world to share any information. Facebook, being the leading one today has given several companies opportunities to advertise their products. These companies range from music, manufacturing and service industries among others. With millions of subscribers worldwide, facebook has given companies a golden opportunity to meet millions of prospective customers in the world an achievement which would not have been easily achieved. It is also important to note that most of these companies acknowledge the fact that there is strong competition online which calls for quality ads and products.

Another aspect of websites which continue to attract many internet marketers is development of personal websites. Both individuals and companies are allowed to develop websites which give diverse information ranging from location, vision, opportunities and products. This allows customers around the world to have a one on one experience with a particular company without necessarily visiting their physical offices. These sites offer inquiry opportunities for customers and comments. As a result, the company is able to study and understand the needs of prospective customers around the world and make necessary requirements as per the comments and feedback obtained from internet customers. Companies are also able inform customers in advance over their future plans and upcoming products.

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