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Poor work ethics is the main problem facing Commercial Sales Division (CSD), which can be manifested in various ways and arise from various angles within the work environment. In this case, however, the poor work ethics are attributed to myriad of factors. First is the overreliance on Tom Caldwell. It occurs that Bioglass had so much trust on him that he was considered a unique employee. In fact, Tom was considered to be an employee, who was generally out of touch and corrections. People believed that Tom is a performer, thereby forgetting that he was a human being destined to err in various instances of his carrier.

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Moreover, there were instances of poor communication of responsibilities and objectives within the Commercial Sales Division (CSD). The top level management needed to have realized that Tom could not survive in seclusion, as far as work duties were concerned. Poor evaluation standards were another consequence of poor work ethics. The management would not let Tom go ahead and develop his personal goals and fail to communicate to his subordinates.

Due to these factors, there were no checks and balances to the people who are seen to have excelled in some areas.

The Commercial Sales Division (CSD) is more reactive rather than proactive department. Having seen Tom excel in his sales associate, they ought to have taken the earlier precautions to promote him. Though there was no immediate position for his promotion, but an excellent work must always come with growth. Tom would have been given early opportunity to learn about management. The idea of waiting until he is already in a professional mess to avail training options to him only added salt to the injury. That was already showing that he was incompetent.

Lack of grooming and integration of various divisional heads can be attributed to two core concepts.

  • Tom could not groom any other person to make the same achievements he made. Though this made him a lone ranger and an obvious candidate for the promotional opportunities, it did not work well to develop him professionally.
  • Nobody was able to groom Tom for the new responsibility. People in the management assumed that having excelled in the sales associate, he would make good manager. This is always not the case as the management functions are always complex and are not comparable to the sales associate.

Future Promotions

The very first thing that the Commercial Sales Division (CSD) must put into practice is being proactive but not reactive. Promotional problems should be solved before they arise. Training of well performing employees in all the levels of the business is a sure way to solve problems like the one Tom ran into. In fact, it is important to understand that later training of the people after promotion does not work to achieve a greater amount of benefits to the employee. It only works to unveil the high level of incompetence that the employee has in his work.

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Being proactive also comprises developing better reporting procedures for all the employees in the organization. Reporting procedures works to help the employees be accountable at the correct time, in the correct way and using the correct methods when they are carrying out their daily activities. If this was done, Tom would have known what is required of him beforehand and would have carried out his duties to success. This should be done using the correct reporting tools like the weekly and monthly returns forms to the persons of higher authority.

Moreover, Commercial Sales Division (CSD) needs to design and implement accurate, effective and easy to follow evaluation strategies for all the organization stakeholders. Every organization member should be given clear guidelines of what they are required to do. The Human Resource Management (HRM) should carry out apt and accurate performance appraisals to clarify job details that the employees do not know well. This should be coupled with a strong definition of job descriptions to all the employees in the organization.

Finally, Commercial Sales Division (CSD) needs to introduce Management by Objectives (MBO)’s, which is where every participant in the organizational activities is given the opportunity to decide and plan for what they can do best. They are then held accountable to their choices. Introducing such initiatives in the organization functions will hold every person working in the Commercial Sales Division (CSD) to be accountable to their functions and the success of their work.

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisal in the process of actively and carefully evaluating every job position in the organization, then assigning the right personnel to execute the job, together with proper and commensurate compensation to the assigned personnel. Carrying out job performance appraisal is important in outlining the finer details of the job requirements that will go the long way of helping the Human Resource Management (HRM) to identify the right personnel for the job, and how much they should be paid. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for one in the management position to be paid as high as $110000 annually, yet they cannot carry out their duties effectively. This is an analysis deviant from the early or past experiences and performance. Just promoting of people because they have been doing good work in an organization may not be the brightest idea. Personal qualification as far as academics is concerned, should also be put into considerations based on the performance appraisals in the organization.

Performance appraisals also work to bring people together during the prize giving days and reward days. During such occasions, well performing employees are displayed in the light of an intrinsic motivation to the other employees. This helps to challenge and develop one another in the organization.

Performance appraisal also has various advantages when carried out in the organization. The following are some of the advantages of performance appraisals that are fairly and accurately executed in the organization.

  1. Gives a sense of direction that can help to guide an individual towards a specific set of goals. This is possible as other employees get to emulate the well performing employees.
  2. Performance appraisals make people to be focused on their work. This makes such people have a diversified knowledge as they are likely to consult in areas where they are not very much conversant with their work.
  3. Helps to outline the specific work objectives to be done by every individual. This helps all the individuals to be able to work in line of their roles and never fail to achieve their prescribed goals and objectives.

It is worth noting that in some cases, some performance appraisals are sometimes more important than others. Practically, laying personal objectives, nothing works like performance appraisals. When coupled with the Management by Objectives (MBO)’s, a person is destined to achieve the highest goals possible in organization without the need to involve any coaxing or forceful means. This also allows natural grooming of all the employees and avoids overdependence on one person.

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