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The Businessman Advocate Company

The Businessman Advocate is an initiative established in early 2000. The key goal of the initiative is to connect different businesses with their immediate sources of funds which are needed for expansion activities. The Businessman Advocate, as a locally established entity, manages to secure contacts for most businesses which are in need of finance.

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Notably, the agency establishes a cordial relationship between different businesses so that the local community benefits from corporate social responsibility activities. As it’s CEO puts it “there comes a time when business operations are not the only reasons for its survival; CSR is the key to survival”.  Halifax, one of the initiative beneficiaries, was started in 2008. It operates online businesses that involve securing foreign employment opportunities. Nowadays, the business has assisted more than twelve thousand potential employees’ secure satisfactory jobs in numerous industries (both manufacturing and service industry).

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Therefore, these two businesses partners work towards helping each other as well as the immediate needy communities as a whole. This is depicted by the fact that The Businessman Advocate Company helps in securing loan funds for Halifax which, in turn, provides an extensive service to the whole community in respect to locating employment opportunities.

According to The Businessman Advocate Company, it is somehow challenging to guarantee such small and large businesses of funds. However, it is clear that in order to grow and transform its entire activities, such businesses as Halifax needs immediate sources of funds. Funds are used in paying-off liabilities as well as for expanding into untapped business environments. Consequently, The Businessman Advocate Company provides immense levels of service to other companies. This service is dependent on the survival of the companies.

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