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Nov 8, 2017 in Compare and Contrast

10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You Moview Review essay Example

In 10 Things I Hate About You, Kat and Bianca’s father has strict rules about his father, and as Kat follows up to his standards as a studios and boyfriend-free daughter, he confines the younger daughter from having one as well. His aim for his daughters is to achieve high standards academically and move ahead in life, while protecting themselves from the evils of the society. When Bianca continually insists on having a boyfriend and the life of a normal teenager, his father conditions her into having one if her elder sister does, knowing that the elder is strict in her own rules and would not deviate. So, he in a way has both his daughter under control. But this confinement pushes the younger daughter into tricking her own sister into getting a date, where she ends up not only fooling her father but also her elder sister.

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Moonie Pottie’s father, along with his mother, refuses her to go out of town to join an art school with complete disregard to how gifted she is in creativity. She is compelled to act out aggressively and in violent terms. She faces unacceptability and misfit in the town she lives in and her parents make it all the more difficult. Her father has his reason of binding her to the town as he was a small Towner and his intention was to protect her. Where we see a small and witty trickery owing to a father’s forceful rules and obligations, we see a similar yet a violent matter in the others. Comparatively, the fathers’ attitudes are justified to an extent and not justified at the other.

Why College Students Cheat

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A common challenge presented to universities and colleges worldwide is reducing the level of cheating undertaken by students in every class in every session. Surveys and research studies have attempted to search for reasons why this phenomenon has outburst on such a high level that despite of the strict rules and regulations and penalties placed upon cheating, students still continue to use cheating to get through with exams, coursework and assignments without any fear of being caught. Several reasons have been found to account for this which mainly relates with how easy it is for college students to cheat, how difficult it is to get good grades the right way and how difficult examinations and assessments are getting. Peer pressure and the urge to follow trends is another factor that has been found to influence the college students on a large level. On a more personal level, the worldwide social shift to live life at a high speed and search for short cuts for everything has also stimulated the use of cheating as a mechanism to move ahead in life (Garvin, 2006).

The most common reason given by college students with regard to the use of cheating to progress in studies is that it is often quite easy to cheat, given the appropriate resources required to put in place for cheating to take place effectively, for example money, time, etc. Cheating too takes brains and dull students are often not found to be involved in cheating as it is quite common for them to get caught if they do. Excellent cheaters are often with the sharpest of the brain but their mind is more focused towards getting passed through examinations and assessments using cheating mechanisms and move ahead to leisure and entertainment activities with friends. They reserve their minds for things they consider to be important at the time. These students claim that it is easier to cheat than to actually spend time studying.

On the other hand, there are others who find it extremely difficult to cope up with the pressures put on their shoulders by the academia. One assignment after another and term examinations place immense pressure upon the students’ mind that they consider cheating to maintain their grades. Cheating is a habit like smoking, if you take one down once you cannot stop and it turns into a habit. Those who have never cheated continue to never consider this to be an option in their studies and if a student ever considers cheating and goes through with it then it is quite likely that in future he or she is to be repeat it to pass in other courses and examinations.

Students in examinations and assessments often find it difficult to be sure of their answers and seek advice from their colleagues to support their responses to the questions. They blame the assessment system in confusing them and to look for aid during the examinations. To remove the sense of confusion and doubt, they seek help from friends.

Lastly, cheating pertains to the common human nature in the modern lifestyle to find short cuts to everything in life especially in those pathways and routes where challenges and difficulties are most commonly encountered. Wherever, rigorous and challenging tasks are involved in the way of success, people tend to find short cuts to avoid stress and depression. Cheating is a product of this life long search for short cuts.


When college students cheat they not only cheat with the professors but also with themselves by not giving themselves enough credit to succeed on their own. They take short cuts to avoid stress but end up becoming cheaters for life as once a cheater always a cheater and this habit takes form in other areas of their lives later.

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