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Free Essay Sample: Judicial Tyranny

During many decades, books and television have been and still are one of the main sources of getting information. Books were written and printed, and television programs were shot. That is how people from all over the world were informed not only about the current events, but also about the past. However, TV-programs as well as books were quite different. Some of them were preferred to a lot of people, while others were not so good. Nowadays, everything is the same. There are books, which evoke a desire to reread them from time to time; there are books, which are read only once and then forgotten; moreover, there are even books, which should be forgotten without reading them. In the past years, books have become an essential part in the life of an average citizen. Although books about politics or the economy are not the best sellers, they also have their audience. Some of such books discuss the urgent problems that exist in modern society, but nobody is willing to pay attention to them; people prefer to stay silent and observe. The book Judicial Tyranny was written by the American author Mark Sutherland in 2005, and until now this book is the one that describes the problems of modern court system of the United States of America to the fullest.

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The main idea of the book is to show the imperfectness of the modern court system of the United States of America and how low the moral qualities of judges are. The author compares modern society with the times of the Roman Empire, when there were slaves and masters. Ordinary people have become slaves in our time because judges do not consider it necessary to make something in the interests of average citizens. The author shows that the judicial system of the United States of America has become a powerful weapon against the citizens nowadays, a weapon that is used by the state and federal government to destroy the nation (Sutherland, 2005).

The book is aimed to call people to struggle against this system. The author shows that the tyranny of the judicial system of the United States of America has crossed all the limits, and now this tendency should be stopped. The only opportunity to stop the development of tyranny is to fight against it, understand all its harmfulness and the consequences. In this book, Mark Sutherland supports all his ideas with the examples from real trials, which make the audience believe all the evidence. On the other hand, the author does not call for a revolution; he states that it will not help. Instead, he calls to fight the modern court system of the United States of America and judicial tyranny slowly and continuously. The author thinks that this will help destroy the system faster with the most positive results (Sutherland, 2005).

The peculiarity of the book is that some chapters were written by the prominent politicians and freedom fighters of the United States of America, such as Attorney General Ed Meese, Dave Meyer, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Honorable Howard Phillips, David C. Gibbs III, and others. It makes a reader believe that the ideas of Mark Sutherland are shared by some others, by those who are well known in their sphere of studies. Thus, it gives a reader a hope that the situation may be changed for the better, not only because the prominent politicians said so, but mostly because a reader feels some support in this fight: he or she feels that there is somebody who shares his/her ideas or thoughts.

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As every creation of a human being, this book has its advantages and disadvantages, which help a reader understand better what the author wanted to say. The main advantage of this book is that it was written in simple language: the explanation of the situation is presented in simple terms with simple examples. This means that not only the average American may read this book, but a representative of other nation can also easily do it. According to statistics, African Americans are those who are arrested the most and face the imperfectness of the modern judicial system of the United States of America the most. This means that if an African American reads this book, he or she will know what to fight for and how to fight.

The another advantage of the book is that it was written in such a way that, after reading the book, a reader will understand everything the author wanted to say. The point is not that a reader will be able to participate in the political debate; instead, he or she will be able to explain what to fight for, the peculiarities of the modern judicial system of the United States of America, and why the author calls it a “tyranny”. Moreover, a reader will know all the cruelty of modern society and struggle to have a better life for his or her children and grandchildren.

The author points out that people have done nothing to change the situation for centuries; he shows the horrible consequences that might be after several years of such a tyranny in the country. This makes people think about their future. The advantage of this book is that it does not show how good life in the United States of America is, how every person is living a dream life. This book shows all the cruelty of the modern world. People from all over the world know that the government of the United States of America cares about its citizens, their rights and freedoms. Mark Sutherland (2005) demonstrates that even in such a perfect country as the United States of America there are serious problems that can lead to the revolution if nothing changes.

The disadvantage of the book is that it resembles a collection of quotes and articles by politicians rather than an analytical book. Although it is written in simple English that is easy to understand, the book will be difficult for a non-English speaker to feel the intentions of the authors. The author did not realize that even an American reader would find it difficult to understand what the author wanted to say, outline, and emphasize. The point is that different authors have different points of view on the same problem, which makes it rather complicated to understand the main intention of the author. The book that contains the articles of so many authors may confuse a person who does not understand politics, but who is willing to fight for his or her rights. That is why the main disadvantage of the book can cover all the advantages. The point is that if a politician knows how to use this book correctly, influencing people�s minds, there will be no revolution and struggle for the rights of citizens; if this book is misinterpreted, because of different points of views of the authors, judicial tyranny will reign in the modern society of the United States of America.

In conclusion, this book is worth reading because it opens people’s eyes to the situation that is now in the United States of America. The book represents the cruel reality without masking it or hiding behind a beautiful view. It must be recommended to read for people who want to live in the free country, as it was promised by the Founding Fathers. The book has several advantages and disadvantages that are worth mentioning before reading it. In my opinion, a person should know that he or she will not read the work of one author, but the compilation of articles written by several outstanding politicians who have different points of view on the same issue. This book was interesting for me to read because it contains the facts about the America’s present and past that people do not know and perhaps do not want to know. The book makes a reader think about his or her future and imagine how cruel it can become if we do not stop this situation today. The peculiarity of the book is that, although it has disadvantages, it explains the main thing: if one wants to live a perfect life, he/she should fight for it. It does not matter whether a person makes a revolution or fights alone against some demons that are in his/her head, it is important to fight. If every citizen of the United States of America begins to fight without a gun, but with a word, judicial tyranny in the court system of the United States of America will be stopped. The country will become such as people want it to be: it will become free. The book Judicial Tyranny is worth reading because it opens the door to a new life. Besides, it is a political work that is worth studying because it is one of the few books that show the real situation in the United States of America.


Sutherland, M. (2005). Judicial tyranny. St. Louis, MO: The National Policy Center.

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