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Nov 8, 2017 in Book Report

“The Way to Peace“

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The book “The Way to Peace “outlines concept of a realistic vision of peace and peacemaking, it is asocial ethical exploration of the roots of violence and peace, it also combines moral wisdom and prophetic realism. According to James Childs in his book “The Way of Peace” amongst other topics talks he illustrates the root cause of violence and peace. According to him, if we can explore the origin of the conflict between Israel and Palestine does then will get the roots of the violence and the peacemaking efforts that have been made so far. The war between Palestine’s and the Israeli has been for many years. In the last sixty two years Israel has celebrated its independence while Palestinians on the other hand marked the flip side of the celebration, that terrible anniversary of Al Nakba.

The Way to Peace by James Childs

Childs categorically reflects statement of which The Israeli president Simon Peres told the families of the fallen Israeli soldiers in a speech during this celebration of their independence “On this blessed occasion, I want to say in the name of the state of Israel at large: We don’t seek war,” He also stated in an effort to bring peace and may finally end the war, “We are a nation that yearns for peace”. On the other hand Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu also moved his crowd with his warm and sticky notions of peace,” not a day has passed (since the two wars of 1948 and 1967) on which Israel did not extend its hand in peace to its neighbors, and our hand is still outstretched.”

America is also is very much involved in ensuring that peace brought back and the Arab-Israeli peace is comes to an end. Negotiations are still on the table and the President Osama is still on the forefront in making sure that the peace deals do go through. Jones who is also Barrack Osama’s national security advisor addressed all leaders in the Middle East and suggested that all sides take political risks to break the current deadlock. He said and I quote “it’s time for all leaders in the region – Israel, Palestine ,and Arab- to support efforts for peace “Examples of leaders who fought to ensure that peace came to the middle east area : Anwar Sadat who signed the camp David peace accords with Israel but was assassinated in1981,Rabin Yitzhak who signed the Oslo accords with Palestinians was shot dead by an Israeli extremist in 1995, King Hussein died of cancer in 1999.

The church has also played a big role in helping in the peace efforts, the head of the world council of churches has expressed dismay at a recent Israeli military order redefining the notion of “infiltration” in the occupied Palestinian territories. The Rev Dr Olav Fykse Tveit says he is “worried the new measures will be a severe obstacle toward the process for a just peace.” This proves that the church has made their presence known in the process to help bring back peace in this war which in to the church is a ministry to God and the savior Jesus. The General Secretary of the World Council of churches underlined how “our prophetic witness needs to be expressed through our love for the Palestinians as well as for the Israelis “as all parties need healing and reconciliation.

Taking us back to debates from 1960s and 70s between the late Martin Luther King and Malcolm X about the use of violence or nonviolence in the struggle for civil rights, king demanded change through non violence while Malcolm believed that change should come through all means necessary. This was the time of slavery and discrimination. Malcolm believed in the idea that all man “Black, White, and colored are equal” this also implies that the idea of Childs did go far as kings and Malcolm’s time where war was absent but the social injustice experienced by the black people was lack of peace since it implied that this they did not go on with their work with a peace of mind and restrictions were everywhere when it came to certain races of people (Ironside, 1940). Luther’s beliefs were guided by the church and believed in reaching his goal without having to into war. His idea of peace leaves on until now and his legacy lives on in many of us.

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