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As one reads the novel titled Great Gatsby written by Eckelberg it is evident that the writer symbolizes God and at the same time oversees the occurring events. The characters that are evident in this precious novel have the implication of “the eyes of Dr. Eckelberg”. There are three distinct things that are the centre of symbolism in the novel. These include the level of corruption that is evident in the society, with the impotent God’s eyes represented by the eyes of the author, with the implication of carelessness as well as mistreatment (Fitzgerald, 2008).

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Symbolism in The Great Gatsb Novel

Dr. T.J. Eckleburg has come up with the most symbolic novel, “The Great Gatsby” that is a good representation of the classic literature in America. Dr. Eckelburg eyes are in the most clear manner most symbolic as the elements of the representation of the main conception of Scott Fitzgerald in addition to his narrative. They also feature the main theme that he intended to put across at the time that he wrote the novel The use of the eyes in the novel have been used for the purpose of embodying the extent of corruption that is evident in the whole society, “the omnipotent God’s eyes of, in addition to the imply carelessness of the human as well as mistreatment”. (Fitzgerald, 2008).

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Doctor T. J. Eckleburg posses some eyes that are blue as they are gigantic and having a retina that is of a height of one yard. The end of chapter one is characterised by the introduction of the first important symbolism that is a green light which is mysterious where Gatsby tries to reach it as in an attempt of worshipping it. It is later evident that the observed green light comes at the end of the dock of Daisy that symbolises the dream of Gatsby in addition to future hope.

The green colour symbolizes promise, renewal as well as hope and therefore the dream of Gatsby with regard to the future in as far as Daisy is concerned has a physical representation of the green light applied in the novel. As the reader approaches the chapters at the end of the novel, there is a comparison that is made by Fitzgerald of the green light of Gatsby and “green breast of the new world” (Fitzgerald, 2008, 115). This is a representation of the dream f the Daisy rediscovery to the American rediscovery by the explorer in addition to the assurance of the coming new continent. The dream is however made unfruitful by virtue of the material possession of Gatsby in a similar manner to the obsession that is attached to wealth. The end is corrupted by the means and the dream of Gatsby undergoes a death that is caused by the carelessness in addition to superficiality of Daisy, Tom as well as Gatsby.

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