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Nov 8, 2017 in Book Report

A Man Who Returned a Forgotten Brand Back into the Market

A Man Who Returned Mr. Nguyen Triet Story

“Nothing is impossible” is well-known truth and there are a lot of stories of this category. Mr. Triet’s story is one that can be referred to such a category. He did impossible thing.

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Here’s the story. After liberation of 1975 Vietnam has developed its own economy and did it quiet well. There was a small and less competitive market and the people who were engaged in business hadn’t many troubles. They have appeared when in 2007 Vietnam officially became a member of WTO and new open door policy changed Vietnamese market where local businessmen were trying to win their share in the sun. In 90s of 20th century instant noodle have become a familiar product in Vietnam, especially Miliket had got a great popularity until the new economy made it difficult to develop farther. Miliket faced to disintegrate danger so it was equitizated and sold to Vietnam Tobacco Cooperation. It inherited a deteriorating company with very small possibility to survive.

Mr. Nguyen Triet, a member of a board in the Tobacco Cooperation, was assigned to run Miliket and counsel it. It was a perfect idea to establish him this duties since he was a former director of Saigon Tobacco Manufactory for over 5 years he had many experience in business. Now he was also a chairman of administration of 2 other subsidiaries, such as Long An, VPM and Saigon Tobacco Manufactory at the same time.

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Under his managing 3 companies were brought from losses to profit and especially Miliket. His experience, professional ethic in ruling the companies and enthusiasm gave him a great chance to become a famous person because of growing popularity of his companies. What about Miliket Mr. Triet ever tried to expand the territory of consumption and to increase the sales volume which led the company to profit and raised it over business rivals. After Miliket lost the market in Ho Chi Minh City there were expanding the market to rural area such as western and central of Vietnam. Also he made an automation of production: equip more and more machines to increase the quality and quantity of production. But there was not the only innovation because of new goods being introduced: New Milione – Pho noodle, Milily – noodle in plastic cup, and Vegetarian noodle besides traditional Miliket - was known as paper package plain instant noodle. He ever held the brand of Miliket in the air and it gave a possibility to enlarge the marketplace even abroad what was done in 2010, the market was expanded to Dubai, the goods where exported there. There are the results of Mr. Triet managing: in 2012, the profit of company was VND12 billion that increased 20% compared with 2010, income of workers were raised, improve their livings.

What is interesting about this person and the success he got is that he has never been advertised about that in any media. At the age of 58, load of works sometime make Mr. Triet feel stressful. However, the sincere respects from working team are his encouragement that helps him to get over the hard time. Also, family is a valuable motion that he keeps working. To him, the successful tips are always bringing the collective interests to the front, think as a leader and work as a team.

Part B: Sum Up

The publication of the profile would run in is Saigon Times. Readers of this newspaper are almost businessman so they will be interested in the profile. Many of them are foreigners. Thus there would be a change for Miliket to co-operate with foreign investor, export Vietnamese products into further countries than neighbors.

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