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Would you ever buy a house with the ghosts? “Why, you can make friends with them,” says the smiling face of a Chinese man. His smile is one of those that are called irresistible, it is sweet and encouraging. You immediately feel some inner peace and consolation, while aside this contented and well-groomed man. “Ghosts are not as frightening as people are. At least, they never sing in the shower, while you sleep in the morning.” Obviously, sense of humor is one the strengths of this man, a famous real estate manager in Chinatown of San Francisco. However, he owes his fame not to his job, but to his ability to help people as a psychic reader.

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Carlson Kwang Interview Example

Indeed, you can never tell that Carlson Kwang, a pleasant Chinese man, deals with a psychic reading. He looks too intelligent for such a questionable occupation. Carlson Kwang never wears weird costumes, turbans or traditional Chinese costumes. Moreover, he is not familiar with any Feng Shui stuff. What he knows well, is how to sell himself. At the age of 55, he does not look even close to some of his peers. “I prefer exercising in the morning and I never limit myself to a particular kind of exercise. Physical activity keeps me concentrated and energetic, and I direct all my energy into the work,” Carlson says smiling. His pink cheeks confirm his good health and his outfit witnesses his good taste. His blue jacket fits his grey trousers, and his striped tie complements his suit, which creates a favorable impression of a successful businessman. That impression is reinforced by his good haircut and manners. Always looking good is the usual demand for those involved in a real estate business, which is Carlson’s full-time job.

Both his clients and his coworkers love this gentleman. According to his colleague, Jack Mason, “Carlson is the guy I think of every time when I get into trouble with buyers.” Carson’s smile and sense of humor helps him to deal with difficult clients. There is something about Mister Kwang that evokes the best in people and turns them into the most cooperative individuals. “Carlson is the right guy you want for buying a house, because he will do everything to help you find the right one,” his boss, Ms. Davis admits. Still, Carlson Kwang does his job well because of his desire to help others.

How come this smiling well-suited man decided to become a psychic reader? The same desire to help others lies at the heart of his psychic reading. There is no profit for doing it and Carlson hopes his specialty will help people, as a priest or even an exorcist would, to cast bad things away. “There is no textbook or information available to teach us how to react when we have encountered the supernatural stuff,” he says, and, therefore, he is there to help people from his own experience.

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The first time he engaged with spirits was on his 16th birthday, as he read an Internet post about “How to leave your body when you were sleeping”. Doing something like that seemed fun, and like every teenager, young Carlson wanted to try something new on his lucky day. However, leaving his body did not meet his expectations at all. At night, he really left his body, but he met a strange ghost in that “sleeping reality.” According to Carlson, the first experience of communicating with a “friendly spirit” was very uncomfortable.

He did not know what to expect, how to react and what the outcomes may be. Even today, Kwang would not advise others to try it. “I would love to tell you how to leave your body when you are sleeping, but be warned that this is not funny at all,” he says.

The most thrilling experience Carlson Kwang had as a psychic reader was the one that happened seven years ago. (He does not want to reveal his subject’s name, as an identity protection). It was one of the usual summer days when the temperature happens to be too high to think clearly. Kwang was at the height of an appointment of presentating a house to a buyer when he received a call from an old lady. The old lady asked him for help via cell phone, saying that her daughter was still very sick after two months of hospital treatment, and she saw a “white-colored transparent thing” talking to the girl. He immediately knew that the old lady was not lying through his telepathy and intuition.

He then asked the old lady to pass her phone to her daughter to put her some questions. During the conversation with the daughter, he understood that there were a couple of spirits that were harassing her. At that same time of enlightenment, he also realized that the buyer of the house did not have a serious intention to buy it. Therefore, he immediately left the house and drove his car, as he called it “fancy BMW,” to the daughter’s house.

When Carlson Kwang arrived, he saw an empty house. He knocked on the door, but no one responded. He could feel the frightful silence around the house that actually scared him a lot. There was no one but the daughter in the house. She told Carlson that the only old lady who could make a call had passed away three months ago, and that was her mother. Then the girl led the psychic reader to her room for conversation. To his surprise, there were three black shadows standing next to him. “I almost pooped myself,” recalls Carlson, “It was the first time for me to deal with multiple spirits. The atmosphere there was heavy so I could barely hold my breath, much less stand.”

But then he started doing what he always did – talk to them. He asked the spirits what they wanted and received quite confusing answers. The first spirit complained about pain in the neck, next whined that he had lost his flowers, and the last spirit replied nothing, but barked at Carlson. Further questions helped the man to find the root of the problem. It appeared that the girl unintentionally left a red thread that had bound the first spirit’s grave, and intentionally took flowers from the grave of the second spirit. When the girl had apologized for that and fixed what caused troubles to the spirits, they left. The third spirit, who emerged to be a friendly dog attached to the ghosts, disappeared, as well.


Carlson Kwang learned a lot from that experience. He realized that ghosts are less harmful than majority of people think. In fact, fear of spirits prevented his current apprentice Evelyn Au from communicating with them. Evelyn was born with the ability to see things, which was actually bothering her in the past. First time Evelyn heard about Carlson and his reputation, she decided to find him to help her get rid of her ability. But Carlson convinced her that her ability was a gift, intended for helping people suffering from the harassment of the spirits. Now Evelyn is grateful to Mister Kwang for showing her things in a new light. He is always good to other people and wants to make them feel better. “Although he looks like “Chow” in the “Hangover” movie, he is still many people’s hero, who will get them out from the disappointing dark,” Evelyn says. It seems as though Carlson Kwang will remain that hero as long as “friendly spirits” live in San Francisco, at least, until they do not start to sing in the shower.

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