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Free Essay Sample: “Leadership across Cultures”

The article presents a brief overview of current challenges that occur due to the globalization exposure. Leaders from various countries have to deal with the problems regarding the cooperation with their partners and employees because they have to use online tools to communicate. The author also mentions that the majority of leadership-related concepts are misunderstood because the global perspective of the leadership may vary.

The work concentrates on the conceptualization of the term “global leader” as these figures represent the Transnational Business Community and their opportunities exceed previously defined limits due to the globalization. The article identifies the global leadership as a paradox while “global leader” is an undefined term with many questions regarding its application. The work analyzes interviews of 60 international business travelers from Great Britain, Russia, and Northern Ireland, intending to generalize age, foreign language skills, gender, education, and professional ambitions factors.

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The article discussed all these features and found that the majority of their respondents were males in their forties. While the religion appeared to be irrelevant to their success, only three respondents did not possess at least the university degree. On the other side, the knowledge of English seemed to be the dominant factor for the one’s international success because the majority of them knew English, even with a foreign background. All of them had to travel abroad and adapt to new challenges, represented by the foreign country.

The author also noticed that some respondents acquire foreign habits and felt an attachment to foreign places. Unfortunately, some of them felt stress due to the busy lifestyle. Respondents stated that they appreciate the opportunity to learn new things, but regular flights and adverse effect on health and family relations stand for the dissatisfaction in the long run.

Overall, the author pointed that the average “global leader” is in a middle or senior management position, upward striving manager, about forty-years-old, had a degree, speaks English, married, and male, more likely. Hence, all of such leaders try to develop and master their skills and competencies, do not have strong religious affiliations, and might experience negative impacts of the busy lifestyle. Most of the concepts related to leadership are misunderstood as the global perspective of the leadership may be different.

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