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Political and social foundations that elicit harm in society are refered to as “structural violence”. The structure of the community leads to the creation and promotion of health disparities that harm only marginal groups in the society. Studies connected with health disparities revealed that only symptoms of the health issues were treated,but not their roots. Health disparities have been tied to fears that originate from the social, economic and political settings in America.

The Relationship between Fears and Health

The fear of high treatment costs in American hospitals has been connected to development of health disparities among various communities. During the study conducted among the population in New Mexico, participants expressed the fear of getting sick due to the high costs of treatment (Page-Reeves et al., 2013). The community opted to seek the last-minute treatment because of the prioritized basic things like food before health. Adults also prioritized children’s needs before their health due to poverty. High treatment costs caused stress that created fear in the community,

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Language barriers, discrimination, and immigration status have made immigrants avoid seeking healthcare. Spanish speakers, who are immigrants, have expressed the feeling of disproval and discrimination in healthcare facilities they visited for help. Hospitals have been accused of making immigrants “feel bad” due to the need of the translation services during doctor visits (Page-Reeves et al., 2013). This issue as well as unequal treatment offered to illegal immigrants who fear discovery has lead to health disparities.

Cultural disconnect arises between healthcare providers and patients who want to practice their traditional remedies. Immigrants believe that healthcare providers will ridicule or scold them using traditional remedies to cure illness. The doctors taught in bio-medical models also misunderstand the alternative medicines (Barr, 2014). Immigrants, therefore, opt to hide the alternative medicine usage from their healthcare providers and thus risk having a reaction, as these medicines are taken along with prescribed pharmaceuticals.

My Opinion on Whether Structural Violence Perpetuates Health Disparity

I agree that structural violence creates and maintains health disparities. The studies conducted on the causes of health disparities have linked them to social, political and economic factors. Issues of culture, discrimination, social and economic status are the cause of the resulting disparities in particular immigrants and minority groups in America. The case of immigrants in New Mexico clearly indicates that, for example, cultural disconnect and language barriers have profound effects on their health status.

To completely eradicate and prevent the emergence of health disparities, policymakers and researchers in the health care sectors have to take social, economic and political factors into consideration. Cultural disconnect, language barriers and treatment cost fears among the low-class communities have been proved to promote disparities. These factors cause stress that leads to the development of fears in individuals leading to disparities in their health.

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