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The objectives of the sustainability improvements by Riordan Manufacturing Company are to save costs through management of wastes and to improve the environment. The targeted areas include the recycling of plastics, reduction of hazardous waste, and the conservation of energy from lighting and equipment use.

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Recycling the scrap plastics, Riordan Company will reduce the input costs as the process will create the production of more raw materials. The program of recycling is identified to be applicable in all the plants.

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Management of hazardous wastes such as used oils and volatile organic compound emissions in all plants will lead to the formation of a sustainable environment. The company targets the formation of mixing and assembly departments in all the plants to prevent wastage.

For sustainability, there is a need for conservation of energy from lighting and equipment use. The targeted areas are the departments of receiving, molding, trimming, labeling, packaging, and shipping. Currently in all the plants, there is no true energy conservation practice, hence leading to loss of energy.

Costs and Benefits

Although there are several policies and procedures in place to effectively get rid of waste, the recycling process is costly. The development of the recycling process would be cheaper if the plants create less waste. The management of hazardous waste would be sustainable if the company would fully switch to using 100% plastic materials that are cheaper and less harmful to the environment. If the company and the employees participate in a general energy practice, the Riordan Manufacturing plant will reduce costs.

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