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Major Challenges in the Scenario

One of the major challenges in this scenario is ineffective communication. It is ineffective due to disruption of the individuals involved in communication by other individuals. At the beginning of the video, we see a different lady talking over a telephone in loud voice, while the lady receptionist is serving other customers. Due to disruption, the lady receptionist is forced to talk in high tone. This causes the client lady to mistakenly think that the receptionist is referring to her when she says, “Hallo, how may I help you.” Another major issue in this scenario is lack of observation of communication norms. The lady lacks respect for the receptionist and other customers, while the receptionist lacks patience towards the lady. The lady tries to seek the attention of the receptionist when she is attending to another customer. She keeps disrupting the communication between the receptionist and another customer until the receptionist asks one of the hotel attendants to help the lady despite being aware that the attendant was not in a position to assist the lady due to language barrier.

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What We Can Learn from the Scenario about the Importance of Effective Communication

From the scenario, we learn that the importance of effective communication in the workplace is to help us meet the needs of the customers and those of other organizational members. The lady receptionist could have achieved effectiveness by exercising patience and flexibility when communicating to the customers.

Effects of Nonverbal Communication to Employees with Visual and Hearing Disability

Use of nonverbal communication in an organization where some employees have visual or hearing disabilities aids in improving the effectiveness of communication. Through non-verbal communication, an employee with hearing or visual disability can be able to understand the nature of message being passed across even if he/she cannot see or hear the person giving the information.

Impact of Communication Technology on Organizational Behaviour

The most likely impact of using technology to conduct communication activities in the workplace as opposed to physical communication is destruction of interpersonal relationships among organizational members. This is because there is no face-to-face communication or emotions involved in communication technologies. Consequently, employees are unable to develop workplace relations that have trust.

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