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There two most formidable types of healthcare marketing organizations that are available to Healthcare Corporation America are the social media marketing organization and the press media marketing entities. Social media marketing organizations provides marketing and advertising services to the corporation over the network platform. Examples of social media platforms available to HCA are Twitter and Facebook (Top Rank, 2011). On the other hand, press media marketing organizations provides marketing services through newspapers and newsletters. Examples of press media marketing organizations are New York Times and The Guardian (American Marketing Association, 2012).

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Benefits of Using Marketing Company over In-House Marketing

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First, use of marketing companies HCA will only be expected to pay for research activities whenever they are deemed necessary and important. This means that they will not bear annual full-time costs associated with additional employment of in-house research-based departments (American Marketing Association, 2012).

Second, seeking the services of marketing specialists increases the opportunities of accessing newer and established skills which might not be found within in-house research departments. These skills might include customer-relation skills and other cognitive skills. Third, the uses of marketing companies are opportunities to access vast amounts of facilities as well as other resources. This is both in terms of marketing equipment and specialized staff that might be cognizant of customer expectations (American Marketing Association, 2012).

Personally, I think that HCA will react positively with the aforementioned information. The information is likely to increase its approach of conducting business hence a resultant increase in both revenue and customer level of satisfaction. Additionally, HCA will need to outsource market research organizations in order to understand the underlying market niche and whether to expand it or not. Furthermore, they will also need to adopt newer strategies of conducting marketing. For instance, the entity can start by developing a social page where people can expound on their expectations in regards to the institutions.

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