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Positioning Statement

Following the several test conducted by collision repair professionals on untested structural aftermarket parts , Toyota Motor Sales USA are becoming more concern on how untested parts potentially affect vehicle airbag deployment, vehicle structure and occupant safety. Toyota Scion and Lexus vehicles are manufactured and engineered as an incorporated assembly of warily manufactured and designed parts working as a system to provide durability safety and predictable performance. We have published a comprehensive repair guideline and procedures for selling Genuine Toyota/Lexus Parts that preserves the performance of Toyota/Lexus/Scion vehicles. The parts will be manufactured in such a way that it will have tolerance and specification as the parts installed on the new Toyota, Scion vehicles and Scion vehicles. Our objective as company is to repair Toyota vehicle using genuine Lexus /Toyota /Scion parts. The issue of the new guideline and procedure will help to return Toyota vehicle to pre-loss condition after loss (Williams, Champion & Hall, 2011).

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SWOT Analysis (Partial)


Toyota Corporation Company is a global organization that has international strength positioning in 170 countries. It is financial strong with a yearly sales turnover of £131,511 million and sales growth of 29.3%. It has a strong brand image based on quality, customized range and environmental friendly (greener). It is the leading in production and manufacturing industry. It maximized it profit through efficient lean production approaches such as JIT (Just in Time) and Total Quality Management in manufacturing first mover in car research and development. The company has excellent penetration in the key markets such as China, US, EMEA and it is now the second largest car manufacturer in the world, surpassing Ford.


In many market places Japanese car manufacturer are seen as a foreign importer. These perceptions have undesired impact on company. The company produces it cars only in US and Japan whereas the competitors are strategically located worldwide and they are taking global efficiency gain (Kurtz &Boone, 2009).

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