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Below is a broad analysis of a scholarly article versus a popular media focus on the issue of human sexuality in various articles.

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An Analysis of a Popular Media Article

The analysis is of a resource by Michael Winter on the 19th of January in the year 2011; it is under the title “HIV-positive airman sentenced to 8 years for not telling sex partners”. This is a popular media item that concerns the issue of Sergeant David Gutierrez who was given a sentence of eight years behind bars for the fact that he failed to make it aware to his sexual partners his status  of HIV . In addition to the sentencing, the court also added that David would be discharged dishonorably for the service. The military court found David to be accountable for 7 charges of serious sexual assaults, infidelity, and failure to go by the orders of his seniors in the service unit and indecent acts on various accounts. This is a media article that has a title that is eye catching, for this reason a reader tends to focus on each and every bit in the article. In addition, the writer of this human sexuality case used a language that was easy to understand to each and every individual. Finally, there is a clear indication of the day, the date, the month and the year that this incidence took place thus making the reader ware that this is a current happening.

The information in this article by winter is complied from sources such as the military court, the military judge, an interview with the wife of David which brought to the limelight about his sexual action both at home and way from home. This interview was carried out by a professional from the military by the name of agent Toth. In addition, most of the vital sources of information came from his female sexual partners and finally a testimony that given by Major Hague regarding the action of David while in the military. Thus, the above named persons gave information that was authentic, up to date and relevant command that led the judge to make his final verdict. The sources that contributed to the information in the case were highly dependable since all those individuals had direct interaction with David on issues concerning his case. The only challenges that these sources of information might have is the fact that there could be bias due to personal or other issues with the accused.

Scholarly Article Analysis

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The Scholarly Article to be analyzed is by Jiankang Chao et al that was done in the year 2010 and is under the title “Sexual knowledge, attitudes and activity of men conscripted into the military”. The article emphasizes on the issue of understanding, practice, approaches and knowledge by individuals in the military services on issues regarding sexual accordance to the author, the article primarily focuses on the issue of knowledge of the existence of HIV/AIDS and how to go about this disease in the military field. The author insists on the importance of the military men and women to be aware about this disease that is sexually transmitted by taking the required care. The author states in the article that the first step to ensure the awareness and care is by having the knowledge that is required regarding the issue of HIV and AIDS. In the article, the message to the service men and women is the need for the development of knowledge and a sex program on the issue of sex, mainly majoring on protection. This program was to be applied to the young recruits who were sexually active. In, addition, the research also analyzed a study to define the variances in socio-demographic features amid individuals who did, or did not have sexual knowledge (Chao, et al.  2010).

This study was carried out via the use primary and secondary sources of information. The sought after data was composed from a collection of military men and women southern Taiwan between the months of January and July in the year 2009. The objective samples were military individuals between the age of 18 and 29 years. To assist in collection of data, survey questionnaires were circulated to 1220 recruits. The author of this article concludes that an approximation of 43% of recruits in the military who got involved in the program had sexual experience, an approximate of 34% had an experience of heterosexual sex and 7% had involved themselves in homosexual activities. The article also indicates that the study showed that the stage of education of these individuals had a considerable impact on their knowledge regarding the issues of sexual activities such as HIV and AIDS. Individuals with higher levels of education portrayed much awareness on the sexual knowledge. This called for program on the education sex issues in the military.

A Comparison of Scholarly and Popular Media

The above two article have several things in common, however, the most common and significant is the importance of knowledge on human sexuality especially in the military. This is for the reason that both articles discuss in details the issues that concern people who are sexually active. It is obvious that if one has sufficient knowledge about issues involving sex is of utmost significance in social life. It is believed by writers in both articles that the acquisition of skills and knowledge assists individuals to come up with sensible decision regarding issues concerning to sexual activities and thus avoid unwanted pregnancy, diseases that are sexually transmitted and unintended marriage amongst other effects. The other common aspect regarding these two articles is the use of primary sources for the provision of vital information.

The differences in these two articles stand in, first; the organization of the articles, the scholarly article has a structure that is well organized, has an introduction, an abstract the main body and a conclusion. On the other hand, the popular media article has a no format in its structure ad thus making the reader have a hard time in finding the important information.

Merits of Scholarly Article

A scholarly article involves a study that is conducted by researchers in precise fields of human sexuality and sex education as it deals with information that is authentic and relevant. In addition, the structure, format and organization of the article in this study enable the readers to trace the required pieces of information.

Merits of Popular Media

Article on popular media have an added advantage due to the fact that despite their poor structure and organization, they easily reaches a bigger number of readers due to the nature of media. In addition, these articles are written in simple language that can be understood by most of the readers. Finally, information for the popular media article is got from the primary source and thus relevant.

From the analysis of the two articles, it is vivid that in selecting that best method to applying research largely depends on the professional level of the research. This is due to the fact that popular media study is more on the basis of personal views whereas scholarly article are chiefly on the basis of facts. In this case of human sexuality, the scholarly article is the best research method as it is a presentation of facts in a well organized manner that enables the reader to be able to scan the work and gain an understanding of the information that is being passed in the article. In addition, the structure of the scholarly work enables a quick understanding as it is based on data rather than opinions and views.

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