This sounds just like going through the marketplace and choosing a nice cabbage. Can this really be so? How can there be an essay to buy? Who is selling such an essay to buy? Well, the answer to this question is somewhat complex and in order to get to understand this we have got to study the history of the subject.

Remind yourself of writing an essay. You got an essay topic from your professor and right after that your life turned into hell. With this essay topic in hands you need to write a piece of academic writing. It would be no problem at all, indeed, it might be quite an easy task for you since you know your subject very well and could speak and even argue on this subject with your professor for hours. However, putting it down on the paper... This is a separate skill, this is something you are not trained for and do not have talent for. It does require certain talent and one needs to like such a sort of work in order to write a successful essay. Now you need to stick to a restricted number of words. What is it? You will have to count words while writing. Is it about expressing your thoughts or about counting words? Counting words is something a computer copes well with. You are a human being and this is stupid to make you do such monotonous tasks. Okay, however, this is not the end of the story. You will also have to keep in mind the structure of an essay in your head. And have you ever seen how an essay needs to be structured? It needs to start with an introduction for essay, and then it has got to be followed... And it's a page-long text, in case it's a short description. A page worth of little details, which need to be remembered. Now this is not the end either. You have got to format your paper in accordance with the citation style required by your tutor. No kidding! It is absolutely compulsory. And this is another page or two worth of explanations as for how to cite correctly and how the title page needs to look like, and how the reference page needs to be named, and so on and so all. As it were, to be continued. After you did it all, you will see that the law essay you have just written was not an exercise in the subject of law; it was a great test in your computer skills. Does anyone need this? Well, these are the questions which have no answers.

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The reality changes all the time and the educational system is too slow to adjust to the changing reality. It has become a conventional thing for the educational system to require essay writing from the students. And educational system hardly ever lets go of conventional things, however, useless they may have become.

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But there is a way out. For you, as a person who thinks openly and understands well the reality, it is quite obvious that you will do no harm to your educational process if you skip this little step with writing your essay. You only need to find a way of skipping it.

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