Essay Planning and Academic Paper Writing Process

Essay planning really does take time – and additionally, it can be a bit ‘messy’. Academic paper writing is not, factually, a smooth, free of troubles process. That’s simply not really the way it truly works – almost for anyone. The idea of its fantastic nature cannot really be fulfilled, something that makes it more difficult to be written. And writing and essay planning CAN really be enjoyable for those who just don’t expect a kind of miracles!

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You can do so: go straightly to the library or web, spending many days or weeks with reading, planning, and then writing. This is what the most of the students do regularly. As a result, they get lost at some stages of essay writing process, not being able to rework the essay structure, without having their own writing styles.

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Better Methods of Planning:

  • Start with the title and analyze the variants carefully;
  • Begin with considering the areas of focusing by working out the sub-questions out from a title. One is able to draw out such sub-questions as what is really meant by ‘mad’? Who writes what on the topic? Are there some generally agreed responses to the question? If no, how, why do the critics differ? Write such sub-questions down;
  • Think of what you have already known that might be really relevant and write this down;
  • Work on generating ideas via speaking to other students, brainstorming the ideas together, writing continuously for 5-7 minutes or so, without stopping at all; in case if you can not think of what to say, so just repeat some last phrase which you wrote, carrying on);
  • Look well at what you’ve just written down. You should pull out the focal points which are relevant to the paper title, discarding the rest at all. Think well of the topics for essays you can write on;
  • During each of the study session (home or library) stop at least for 10-15 minutes. Write! Initially, in full sentences, without worrying of the spelling or grammar rules. Write a task in response to some questions: is it interesting in reading and relevant to my paper? What more is required to find out it? How are the readings linked to what is already known? Keep in mind everything you write, as you might be able to write in a mosaic-style;
  • You should clarify some issues. Spend time in playing with ideas, while pulling on threads and focus on bringing back the things back together in a unified way. Put all the points and number them;
  • If you like, you can sketch out your plan, even before starting to read. Take a look at the plan and develop the understanding. Planning seems to be a process.

If you are writing as you have read, using writing and thinking, working the ideas out, then you’ll already have written much. Some of the writing might be pretty fully organized. You might write a few paragraphs which should be revised. Other passages of writing may need a considerable re-writing. Go on with working!

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