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Analysis paper topics

An analysis essay is an academic task assigned in many colleges and universities. The primary goal of this assignment is to check the students` ability to think analytically, build logical conclusions, as well as evaluate their organizational skills. When writing such an essay, you need to make up a strong multifaceted topic. For instance, when it comes to literature, you may discuss the nature of the relationships between the characters in the novel. Sometimes, the professor wants you to apply a creative approach, and therefore, he/she allows you to select the analysis paper topics on your own. If you are free to choose any topic, you can use your imagination and write about something that is truly creative and thought provoking. Below you will find the list of topics that can be good for analytical essay writing:

  • Should employer consider the applicant`s degree before accepting his/her candidacy?
  • Gun control in America: pro and against.
  • Is the universal healthcare a good idea?
  • Should the banking system be more regulated to ensure that it would not cause the economic problems?
  • Should religion take part in creating the laws?
  • Is social media harmful or beneficial for the young people?
  • Is gay marriage approval a sign of tolerance?
  • Are the political debates an effective instrument for persuading the voters?

Undoubtedly, all of these topics have been discussed in the media previously. It is the obvious benefit since you will be able to gather enough relevant material to write your essay. As such, pick up the topic that seems truly interesting to you and you will be able to write an exemplary paper.

Also, to write a good analysis essay, you need to apply a scientific method in reverse. It means that before writing, you have to think about the conclusion you want to reach. When researching, you need to make sure there is enough information or evidence to support your conclusion. Moreover, it would be great to check if there are no knockout arguments to defeat your conclusion. When the proper research is done, it is time to formulate the research question that will be developed in your analysis essay. You have to organize the flow of your thoughts in such a way so that your conclusion could appear naturally from the arguments discussed in the essay. What is more, your conclusion should never introduce the things that were not mentioned previously.

Critical Analysis Paper Topics

The fundamental aim of every student, who needs to write an analysis paper, is to evaluate the event, social phenomena, or the specific text. To do it well, the student should start with giving the relevant background information, so that the reader could understand the topic better. We have gathered the list of powerful analysis paper topics along with the short guidelines of essay writing.

  • Obesity. Nowadays, obesity is one of the most crucial problems in healthcare since many people, both from the developed and underdeveloped countries, suffer from it. As such, you can examine the daily life of obese people, as well as the influence of this disease on the human health. Including the relevant statistics from the worldwide agencies, as well as other relevant facts, you will receive the desired outcome.
  • Homelessness. Writing on this topic, you can explore any issue related to homelessness in your community. Writing your essay, you may tell how the society addresses this issue. Include the statistics and tell how many homeless people are there in your community. To prove your arguments, you can attach the links to videos about the homeless people.
  • International adoption. This issue is particularly controversial, thus, it can become a good topic for an analysis essay. International adoptions become more and more popular in the US and other countries. Writing an essay on this topic, do not hesitate to tell what are the benefits and shortcomings of international adoption. In addition, you can examine the problems that the family faces when adopting a child from another country.
  • Discuss the movie based on the book. Analyze the essential similarities and differences between the book and the film. Tell if the director has managed to transfer the atmosphere of the book into the movie. Explain how well the scenario was adapted?
  • Drug use in sports. Select the sport or a particular athlete and explain the problem of drug use. Analyze the causes and consequences of steroids use. In addition, you can focus on the outcome of the use of steroids for an athlete.
  • Discuss the gender roles. Nowadays, the traditional gender roles are changed. Tell about the consequences of such a change. Explain the peculiarities of the feminist movement and tell about the cultures, which maintain traditional roles in the 21st century.
  • Describe a great movie. This movie should be related to your course or discipline. Give the brief description of the movie plot and analyze the motivation of the main characters.
  • Explore the issue of the influence of TV shows on the human life. Do the contemporary people substitute their values with the artificial ones? What are the consequences of TV addiction?
  • Explore the biography of the famous author. Tell what events of his personal life influenced his works. What are the essential features that are common for his or her poetry/novels?

Interesting Rhetorical Analysis Topics

Once you understand the prompt, writing a rhetorical essay can become a truly fascinating process. The essential purpose of such an essay is to analyze a famous speech paying attention to the key author`s techniques. To write a good rhetorical essay, you need to be aware of all speech figures and be able to analyze them properly. The main secret of writing a rhetorical essay is to select a great speech. Analyze it from different perspectives and do not forget to mention the author`s background. The List of Good Rhetorical Analysis Paper Topics:

  • Analyze the speech of the well-known Nobel laureate;
  • Analyze Martin Luther King`s speech “I have a dream”;
  • Analyze the inaugural speech of a famous President;
  • Analyze the speech by William Wallace’s to his people in “Brave heart”;
  • Analyze Richard Nixon`s “I Am Not a Crook” speech.
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