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How to Write a Powerful Business Report

This information will help you understand how to write a powerful business report. The business report of a company is the result of an analysis of a firm’s activities based on its documentation. The result of the systematization of information obtained from regulatory documents should be a report reflecting:

  • general principles of the organization;
  • the structure of units;
  • activities;
  • rules of company interaction with external organizations;
  • basic business processes.

It is necessary to make a preliminary request for information on the functioning of the company's departments. The purpose of this step is to prepare employees of the organization for the process of examining the business processes of the departments and to structure the bulk of information related to the general conditions of their operation. The obtained data on the functioning of units should be systematized and presented in a summary report on the stage, which should contain the following sections:

  1. The Structure of the Organization.
  2. The General List of Business Processes of the Organization.
  3. Descriptions of the Activities of the Divisions:
  • the name of the unit;
  • documents regulating activities;
  • performed functions;
  • incoming documents;
  • outgoing documents;
  • revision of existing organizational documents;
  • the performance of the unit.

How to Write a Formal Business Report

How to write a formal business report? It is necessary to describe all business processes taking place in the company. The provision on the classification of business processes reflects the upper level of division of business processes. There are basic, providing, developing, and managing business processes.

The main business processes are directly focused on the products that make a valuable contribution to the customer and provide income for the company. Ensuring business processes are supporting processes that are designed to ensure that the core processes are executed. Providing business processes provide resources for all activities of the organization. Management business processes are activities that encompass the entire range of management functions at the level of current activities and the business system as a whole. Business development is the processes of improvement of new directions and technologies, as well as innovation.

How to Report a Business Correctly

In order to know how to report a business properly, you need to familiarize yourself with the following stages of work. It is necessary to clarify the information received about the functioning of the units. Performing this step will make it possible to determine at the initial stages of the survey possible inaccuracies in the presentation of the organization by the employees conducting the survey and to reveal the actual picture of the organization’s work, possibly distorted in the presentation of its employees. Clarification should be carried out according to the data compiled report and conducted in the form of an interview identifying possible inaccuracies.

The Sequence of Business Process

Formalized data on the sequence of execution of business processes, with an indication of the corresponding document flow, should be agreed with the staff. The agreement should be conducted in the form of interviews with the possible preliminary submission of materials by mail. The resulting clarifications should be included in the description of business processes, after which the reconciliation should be repeated.


The purpose of modeling is the systematization of knowledge about the company and its business processes in a visual graphical form (tables, charts, graphs, charts) more convenient for the analytical processing of the information received. The modeling of an organization’s business processes includes two phases, namely, structural and detailed.

At the stage of structural modeling in the model should be reflected:

  • existing organizational structure;
  • documents and other entities used in the execution of the simulated business processes and necessary for the simulation of workflow, with descriptions of their basic meaning;
  • structure of business processes, reflecting their hierarchy from more general groups to private business processes;
  • interaction diagrams for final business processes, reflecting the sequence of creation and movement of documents (data, materials, resources, etc.) between actors.

Detailed modeling of key business processes should reflect the required level of detail and should provide an unambiguous view of the organization’s activities.

The detailed business process model should include:

  • a set of precedents reflecting possible options for the implementation of business processes;
  • action diagrams that describe in detail the sequence of business processes.
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