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How to Become a Better Essay Writer

If writing academic papers has always been a challenging assignment for you and you would like to upgrade your skills, then read on the article below on how to become a better essay writer. With the help of our great tips, you will be able to improve your academic writing skills in a few simple steps. You will be impressed that it is not innate ability for writing that is decisive for successful writing but paper-writing techniques that can help you be more effective in academic writing.

How to Become a Better Essay Writer:

  1. Fight your habit of procrastination

Procrastination is one of the major causes of underperformance and missing deadlines. The first cause of procrastination is the multiple technological distractors we are susceptible to. Due to constant distractions to our smart phones, email, phone calls, apps, etc., it is hard to concentrate on a single task. Therefore, to tackle the problem, it is highly recommended to get rid of gadgets and other distractors for the moment of working on the task (writing, editing, proofreading, reviewing, etc.). Besides, you may even disconnect yourself from the Internet for the moment you do not need it. It will definitely guarantee that you may focus on your task and do it consistently.

  1. Study writing samples before writing

If you have to provide a specific writing type but you are not well-versed in this kind of writing, it is recommended to study paper samples or templates of such writing type online. Here make sure you consult only reliable and credible online sources.

  1. Always edit your papers before submission

This is actually one of the priority tips how to become a better essay writer. Most writing troubles occur because of paper flaws and writer’s inattentiveness to them. So, get used to editing if you want to succeed in writing. Editing is never a waste of time – it is a guarantee of a better grade and of fewer mistakes.

  1. Come up with adequate paper topics

A successful topic is decisive for the overall paper success. The topic you choose should be clear and familiar to you. At the same time, you should not choose topics that have been discussed and researched from A to Z. In the latter case, your paper will have no trace of originality.

Among the other methods to improve your writing skills is to learn from your own mistakes. Analyze a situation: your professor returns you your graded essay. What do you pay attention to first? Mainly, students immediately focus their attention on the percentage score or grade. Frequently do they pay careful consideration to the remarks and comments left by the professor regarding the quality of work. What about you? What do you do in this case?

Steps to Become a Better Writer:

  1. Carefully and attentively work on your thesis statement

Properly formulated thesis statement is the backbone of your writing. Besides, it is decisive for proper paragraph organization and overall paper structure. Therefore, make sure you spend sufficient time to formulate it in the best way since the whole essay will be organized around the central idea of your thesis. Ideally, a strong thesis should be formulated in no more than two sentences in order to clearly convey the meaning and not to confuse the reader.

  1. Make the paper format logical and consistent

Make sure the paragraphs are related to each other. Use logical transitions between paragraphs and make sure your message is easy to follow. Double-check whether the conclusion provides a proper synthesis of information presented in the essay. To ensure proper essay structure, write an outline before developing ideas.

  1. Be consistent in your writing style

You probably pay attention to the style of clothing people have. If a person’s image is harmonic and suits him/ her in the best way, it is hard not to pay attention to such people and admire their good taste. On the contrary, if a person does not follow one style in clothing but prefers a mix of different styles, then he/ she may look weird. The same is about writing. You should always maintain the same writing style from the very first till the very last sentence of your paper. Be careful with vocabulary choice and sentence structures in particular.

  1. Be careful with conventions

Conventions demote grammar structures, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structures. If you have many errors with these aspects in your writing, it is a signpost that you are careless when writing. Besides, such vivid mistakes in sentence structures also signify that you cannot clearly convey your main idea or put forward a strong argument. Therefore, to make your piece of writing legible, always use grammar-checking software.

  1. Supporting evidence and references

When you read a how to be a better writer essay, you will come across an idea that you should carefully examine all sources that you intend to cite in text. Make sure that you double-check plausibility of each source you refer to. Your professor will definitely do it. In case he/ she finds out that you consulted bad sources, your grade will not be good.

When you are providing some claims or arguments, make sure you adequately support them with expert opinion. Here be sure you adhere to the required citation style (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.).

Do you want to boost your academic proficiency in writing? Pay attention to your professor’s remarks and to all of the tips provided in the article. Good luck!

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