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Critical Thinking Article and Critical Analysis

Magnitude of a Critical Analysis Paper

Before having a closer look at a critical thinking article, let’s turn to what critical thinking means in general and why it is important. A critical analysis can be defined as leaving out the emotional component and abstaining from emotions yet focusing on the rationality and logical reasoning. Such an analysis enables more comprehensive, objective, and critical evaluation of the situation, taking into consideration the ample evidence but not emotions. Unfortunately, people fail to harness their critical thinking skills in the decision-making process. The problem has its roots in the school approach, in which students are taught to memorize the lessons but not to apply the material in practice.

The Foundation of Young Australians stresses that the percentage of employers who are seeking people with congenital critical thinking skills has increased by more than 158% over the past couple of years. It comes as a surprise that all students learn how to analyze an article or how to write a critique yet they do not possess the ability to implement their analytical skills to write a critical analysis paper.

Critical thinking skills can be honed with practice. Moreover, among the positive effects that they have on the individual are the development of cognitive skills and of the desire to go beyond limit, stimulation of intellectual self-development, and improvement of the interaction with other people, which makes a person a better team player. Coping the stress better is probably the most critical advantage of critical thinkers, as they rely on logical reasoning rather than on emotions. Summing up, analytical skills contribute to your future career and success, as well as come to your aid when you are struggling with an analytical essay on a critical article in college.

Assignment: Critical Analysis of an Article

A critical analysis of an article is especially crucial for better understanding of the material. College students are always buried under the tons of information to study so they have little opportunity to perform critical discourse analysis the way it should be. Compiling a critical analysis essay is no longer a tough task as students can address a critical writing service and receive a completed assignment as easy as ABC.

An activity presented in this article is aimed at analyzing complex topics in depth and examining scholarly pieces. The topic can be chosen either by an instructor or by a student.

Preparation Stage (Part of the First Class)

  1. Form as many groups as there are articles, which you have chosen (better from 2 to 4). Give each group a quote from the article and instruct them to find these articles in the library.
  2. Clarify the assignment: to read the assigned article and write up notes paying attention to the study and its findings. Students have to bring their articles and notes to the next class.

Analysis Stage (Second Class)

  1. Divide students into new groups so that each student in the group has prepared a different article.
  2. Instruct the students that each of them has to tell the rest of the group the prepared article and the others need to take notes. Later, they will have to look for the similarities and/or differences, contradictions, various perspectives on the same problem, and additional information.
  3. Allow students to “teach” each other and answer the questions that arise in the process.
  4. Give students 5 minutes to analyze and synthesize what they have learned. Let them compile some questions for the further studying of the problem.
  5. Hold the discussion on the topic. Test the understanding of the information learned with the help of questions or assign the students to devise test questions themselves.
  6. Collect the articles and notes if you need to grade.

The Value of Analyzing an Article on Critical Thinking

The article on critical thinking will also come in handy for the assignment described above. What is the value of all this? First and foremost, students learn to understand scholarly articles. Second, they acquire deeper understanding of the topic and of the field in general. Finally, it is obvious that students hone their critical thinking skills as they not only memorize and retell but also seek for affiliations and dissimilarities.

So what is critical reading in reality? It is the way to evolve and improve yourself.

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