Blog Post Article Template

If you want to become an uprising Internet star, make your blogs gather thousands of readers and even more feedbacks, it is high time you get acquainted with this blog post article template. Certain secrets will help you create the appropriate structure and use the necessary language to attract the audience. So, what is the key to writing a perfect blog that will earn you much popularity and maybe even money?

Blog Article Plan

Remember that before starting the blog of your dream you need to have an exact blog article plan. Chaos has never been beneficial, so you need an idea that will be disclosed throughout your entire writing. This idea must contain a certain problem that you must develop and, eventually, solve at the end of the post. Therefore, start with a challenge that you want your reader to pay attention to. After that, dig into the problem even deeper. Finally, you must solve the problem with a moral conclusion to make your writing educative. This plot is quite similar to a fiction type of writing; therefore, even if you have never tried creating blogs, you will find it quite easy if you approach the task like this. The only difference here is that your character in this type of writing is your reader that must “solve” the problem.

Blog Post Template

Now, here is a brief blog post template that will tell you how to create an immaculate “story” for your reader.

First and foremost, as it has already been mentioned, it is necessary to identify a problem. Remember about the hook. It will grab the readers’ attention and will make them continue looking through the post until the logical conclusion. Do you want to find out how to do this? Think of the problem that your target audience wants to solve desperately. This is how you will make the people interested in what you write.

After you have opened the problem, develop it by making it rather personal. Go deeper with the details or resort to mentioning a personal experience. People like to read about the others, especially the stories with fast plot development and unexpected ending. This will seem similar to a fiction writing, but in the form of a blog post. Think about the emotions that you want to provide your reader with. Your task is to make them feel what you feel when you are writing the post. How do you earn their trust? Make the problem as close to them as possible, and their feeling of empathy will devour them immediately.

After that, it is necessary to come up with the solution to the problem. However, do not deal with the issue right away. Make the intrigue and give hints to the readers to find the clues in the text. That is how you give them a feeling as if they find the right solution themselves. Do not forget to involve personal experience here as it has been already mentioned.

Only after that, your readers are ready to solve the problem together with you. Many new writers start their posts with this point, skipping all the previous ones. However, this is a huge mistake that causes them to fail with the popularity. Nobody will finish reading if they find the solution right away. At the same time, do not prepare the audience for too long as this may also make them feel bored and abandon reading.

Finally, after you have shown the readers your solution, it is time for them to learn something from the story. Your conclusion must briefly retell your way from the issue to the end and indicate what caused your success. Do not skip this point since you want your posts to be educative. At the same time, do not impose your point of view on the readers. They came to your blog for an interesting story with an explanatory conclusion, so give them what they want.

This is a detailed blog post template that is usually successful for most of the writers. However, make sure you add your own peculiarities to the plan and the structure to make your ideas different from the others. Do not be scared of the experiments.