Separate the Wheat from the Chaff: Do Not Make Mistakes!

Be selective! Do not agree to everything, which seems to be nice from the first sight. “Separate the wheat from the chaff,” an old wise saying advises, and this piece of advice is relevant to all spheres of life, to all situations, and all people. It is also a perfect recommendation for the customers! Having a wide range of options and making a choice from a huge variety of objects or services, it is a both difficult and responsible task not to make a costly mistake. First, one has to be selective and careful. What one needs is wheat (valuable things), and what should be put aside is chaff (waste no one needs). Precious things are frequently found in-between the useless staff. Vice versa, it is things that have no value are often misinterpreted and viewed as outstanding jewels. It is a true story with selecting any goods or services; however, it is even more relevant to the process of searching for a professional academic writing service!

Actually, if you have ever tried to find a writing service online, you have definitely noticed that there are hundreds of different academic services with bright advertisements and loud promises. They also try to boast about their achievements and offer the lowest prices in the market of custom writing services provided to students. Those young people who want to be successful in classes need professional guidance and believe all the offers and promises given. They want to get a superior quality paper and impress the instructor with their knowledge, skills, and commitment to study.

Watch out! We are here to warn you! You may get trapped in the lies of unprofessional writers and irresponsible writing services. You want to spend not much, but get an effective solution to your academic problem. You seek professional attitude to work and friendly support of the customers. Nevertheless, you have no practical experience of ordering assignments from online services and it is your first attempt. We would like to tell you about a number of hazards that may be obstacles on your way to the desired results. Some online agencies do not employ English-speaking writers. They prefer to have their offices in the non-English speaking states and hire non-native speakers. It is evident that their knowledge of the language and skills of writing cannot be at the level you require for your assignments.

Secondly, non-native writers have probably had little experience in formal writing, and they have no access to the libraries and resource bases needed for quality research. Thirdly, having mediocre skills, such writers may search for the samples and already written papers to use them in their work. This is the greatest mistake they make and the biggest risk for you as a customer. If the writers copy parts of the text from the online sources and then paste them into your essay or term paper, it means that your work is automatically plagiarized. Such irresponsible companies believe that their main responsibility is to provide the papers to the customers, but they do not care either about the quality of writing or originality of content.

It is sad that the customer’s happiness about a timely submitted paper to the college or university professor does not last long. When the paper is checked for originality and plagiarized content, the instructor informs the student that the detection software revealed some parts of not cited, not referenced, and plagiarized text. What may happen as a result of such misconduct? The student may get an “F” as a grade. He or she may be accused of academic dishonesty and cheating. Some students are expelled for plagiarism without any mercy. You cannot afford buying the papers that can get you into big troubles. That is why, what you should be looking for is a perfect paper from a reliable source. Do you still remember a piece of advice about separating the wheat? It is high time you used it practically. is the writing service that is a jewel in the ocean of irresponsible services. Moreover, we are proud of our ethical principles and professional code of customer support in our work.

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We Have No Secrets From the Customers

  • If you check the physical location of, you will see that the address is in the territory of an English-speaking country.
  • We offer different prices for writing a single page. You pay more or less depending on the deadline, complexity of the order, type of assignment and a number of other aspects. As for the writing services that have no differentiation between the prices, they are most probably cheating. Authentic research and professional writing always takes into account not only the number of pages, but a lot of other important aspects.
  • It is not right if you can contact the writing company only using your phone. There should be such additional options as live chats, message systems, and other communication means. Call the company and see if the provided number is valid. Check whether you can talk to a real person, not a robot. Try to discuss the details of your future order.
  • If you still have doubts, ask for the incorporation documents of the agency. The company will have no problem with that if it is a professional one.
  • Search for specific information in the website content. Check on the language. Do the sentences sound formal enough?
  • Mind the authenticity of the security passwords and hacker-safe logins. It is easy to fake anything, and you have to be secure with the payment and banking details.
  • Request for a confirmation that the customer support agents will provide you with an originality report after the paper is written. If you see a report that confirms 0% of plagiarism you are safe.
  • Check if you will be able to discuss details of the order not only with the support team, but with the writer directly. Communication with the writers in messages will be supported and encouraged only in the services that respect their customers and treat them properly.
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It is amazing that meets every of the mentioned criteria of reliable companies. You have academic challenges that make you worried, but you can get assistance from us any time you need it. We will never jeopardize your success or future. What you pay for is an excellent original paper based on authentic research written by a proficient writer. Contact us today!

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