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Argumentative Essay Topics

To write an essay that will be interesting for reader the writer should use persuasive arguments. Argumentative paper is much more interesting for reading than a simple essay based on unreliable facts and statements. A good writer will always use a possibility to defend his point of view supporting it with proved facts, evidence and reasonable statements. Argumentative essay topics can be of different complexity and for this reason they may require more time for research work. Besides, it is extremely important to think about the audience. It means that it is essential to think what you write and for whom you write your paper. If you write papers on given essay topics for your professor you have to think over what he is expecting from you and your writing. Sometimes it is necessary to use more formal tone and sometimes (especially if your audience consists of your classmates) you should sound more informal, expressing your ideas and arguments in a way that is close and related to them and their feelings. It is important not to forget that papers you write are, in most cases, written for the audience but not for you personally.

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Choosing an Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

If you choose argumentative essay topics you must keep in mind a couple of things: first of all, you have to choose a topic that is interesting for you. In this case you will be able to argue your point of view without any problems and it will be easier for you to get the paper done. The research topics must also be controversial, so that you could have a base for future discussion and reasonable argumentation. Rationality of your paper is not less important. You can write a good paper that is well-organized, of an appropriate format and style, but if the statements in a paper are not supported by facts and reliable information, you can easily fail. If you want your writing assignment to be done without fuss and stress, you can always use our online custom writing help. Our writers can provide you with the best argumentative paper on any of hot topics using reliable sources and information. Our services are really helpful for students who, for some reasons, cannot complete their writing tasks. We can provide you with papers that are original, interesting, professional and reasonably cheap. If you buy your essay from us you pay for quality and guarantee of success. Professional essay is what we can provide you with for a reasonable price.

The Main Purpose of an Argumentative Essay

The main purpose of an argumentative essay writing is to argue you point. If you write your argumentative paper, you do not necessarily have to prove everybody else wrong, your task is to convince your audience that you point is more correct than theirs.

The core of any argumentative paper is a controversial issue. Your task as a writer is to argue that issue and defend your point of view regarding the main thesis of your paper. Our writers are specialists in finding such hot topics and in defending their positions. The paper written by our professionals are based on rational arguments and they will never give rise to doubts about correctness of their statements and arguments. Any of essay topics our writers take to process are supported by evidence. If you work with us you get a paper of high quality that highlights the main points of your arguments and refutes counter-arguments of the opposite side.

So, in order to make a long story short we just want to say that everyone who needs expert help with papers writing can find it at our website. Our team of experts is always ready to give our customers assistance with argumentative essay topics. If you have doubts what topic to choose for your paper we can help you to do it or even choose the best topics for you. Our services are reliable and of high quality. We guarantee our customers timely delivery, confidentiality and professional approach. You do not have to worry about your writing assignments any more. Our services are called to make your life easier and our custom papers are called to make your grades higher. Order our services if you want to reach academic success.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

First-Class Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Take a look at the list of various sports argumentative essay topics presented below and you will see that picking an engaging subject is not complicated at all.
  2. The best baseball player in the world.
  3. Sport stars should not receive extremely large salaries, as there is nothing complicated in their job.
  4. What role does money play in sport?
  5. Advertisements as a means of popularizing sports.
  6. Gambling as a source of troubles in the sports area.
  7. Specifics of coaching.
  8. Being an athlete: pros and cons.
  9. Hockey – a dangerous kind of game.
  10. The most popular kinds of sports among women.
  11. Why do students involved in sports fail to manage their time appropriately?
  12. World-class sports people do deserve very high pay.
  13. Women playing sports have all the necessary skills and qualities to overcome the arising difficulties.
  14. Biotechnology and sports.
  15. Team sports and its advantages.
  16. The impact of sports on academic performance.
  17. Are sports fans uncontrolled?
  18. Baseball has lost its flavor.
  19. Children should not be allowed to play football.
  20. College students playing football professionally should be paid.
  21. Wellness programs should be supported by educational establishments more than sports.
  22. Cheerleaders should be considered sports people too.
  23. The issue of naming rights for sports teams.
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Intriguing Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

  1. Can atheism be considered a major problem of the 21st century?
  2. Should church allow teenagers to get married?
  3. Should religion be introduced in a school curriculum as a secondary academic discipline?
  4. Same-sex marriage from the perspective of Christianity
  5. God – reality or pure fiction?
  6. Coexistence of friendship and love.
  7. Is the Bible highly popular all over the world?
  8. Why do people change their religious views?
  9. Faith versus medicine: which one is more effective means of treating illnesses?
  10. The role of priests in the 21st century.
  11. Is it necessary to separate church from the state?
  12. Polygamy in Islam.
  13. Cloning in terms of religion.
  14. Abortion - a mortal sin or a right of every woman?
  15. The role of religion in the modern world.
  16. Is it apparent that God exist?
  17. Religious holidays – a business or a worship of God?
  18. Should gay marriages be approved by church?
  19. Should religious establishments and churches pay taxes?
  20. Negative impact of churches on the society
  21. Do churches really promote moral principles?
  22. God is the source of inspiration for people.

Wonderful Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

  1. Parenting classes should be obligatory for first time parents.
  2. The most suitable age for starting school.
  3. Tests for students: pros and cons.
  4. Do private schools divide people into affluent and poor?
  5. Should learning foreign languages be obligatory for students?
  6. Food restrictions in schools: what can students bring for lunch?
  7. Benefits of using computer technologies during lessons.
  8. Remedial classes: are they necessary?
  9. Is it required to establish the criteria regulating academic curricula depending on the needs of schools?
  10. Plagiarism and its consequences for students.
  11. Disadvantages of academic courses.
  12. Why should students wear a school uniform?
  13. Should attending classes be mandatory for college students?
  14. Should school newspapers be censored?
  15. Parents should be aware of children’s academic performance.

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

Fantastic Music Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The impact of music on culture.
  2. Music as a tool for promoting politics.
  3. The influence of music on modern society.
  4. How does modern music differ from that of the Baroque period?
  5. Connection between diverse music styles.
  6. Is music of other countries similar to that of yours?
  7. The evolution of music in other countries.
  8. What qualities and abilities a person should have to become a successful musician?
  9. Is it essential to be aware of music theories and concepts to produce music?
  10. Do all singers write music on their own?
  11. Positive effect of music on human brain
  12. Can music change people’s way of thinking?
  13. Do modern technologies facilitate the process of producing music?

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics about Animals

  1. Should whale hunting be banned globally?
  2. What measures should be taken to protect endangered species?
  3. Is it necessary to prohibit zoos?
  4. Is the punishment for poaching severe enough?
  5. Is it right to wear clothes made of real leather?
  6. Animal testing from the ethical viewpoint
  7. Is it morally good to keep exotic pets at home?
  8. Is the effect of cross-breeding lasting?
  9. Using animals for entertainment: the ethical side of the issue.
  10. Animals and cosmetology.
  11. Training animals for the purpose of having fun.
  12. Should insects have the same rights as animals?
  13. Is it required to outlaw animals in circuses?
  14. Difference between safari and zoos.
  15. Is it ethical to modify bugs and animals with the help of modern technologies?
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Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics on Immigration

  1. It is essential for the USA to adopt an immigration reform.
  2. Negative effect of immigrants on the Economy of the EU countries.
  3. What difficulties may arise from immigration?
  4. Illegal immigration and its consequences for a specific country.
  5. Can a policy on immigration be advantageous for a country?
  6. Connection between immigration and unemployment.
  7. Anti-immigration regulations: are they effective?
  8. The impact of immigration on education of a country.
  9. Is port security efficient in terms of immigration?
  10. Is it possible to solve the problem of immigration?
  11. Can a border fence prevent immigrants from entering countries?
  12. Is there any connection between immigration and nationality?
  13. What makes people immigrate illegally?
  14. The place of immigration in the history of America.
  15. Should policemen be empowered to ask people to prove their identities and legal status?

Criminal Justice Essay Topics

Captivating Criminal Justice Essay Topics

  1. Sentence as a means of creating a civilized society.
  2. Law enforcement and students.
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of taking a course in criminal justice.
  4. Exile: legal background.
  5. Should people be familiar with the main criminal justice laws?
  6. Availability of information about criminal justice in the USA.
  7. Is there fairness in the criminal justice area?
  8. Effective law systems.
  9. The history of death penalty.
  10. Drawbacks in modern legislation.

Engaging Philosophy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Can Philosophy and Religion coexist?
  2. People are evil in nature.
  3. Direct connection between happiness and money.
  4. Consciousness as a root of people’s problems.
  5. Beauty can save the world.
  6. What is destiny?
  7. Faith: does it help people live?
  8. If God existed, all people would be happy.
  9. Genes determine people’s behavior.
  10. People would not survive without Ethics.
  11. Generosity can make people happy.
  12. Humans are selfish in nature.
  13. Feminism and ethics.
  14. Knowledge is considerable power.
  15. Being wealthy means being sympathetic and understanding.
  16. What should one do to understand people?
  17. Truth is a changeable concept.
  18. Why is freedom attractive?

Outstanding Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Using social media at schools: is it worth allowing it?
  2. The impact of social media on business.
  3. Positive influence of social networks on students’ grades.
  4. Social media stagnates intellectual development.
  5. Social networks as a means of promoting political parties.
  6. Should people be allowed to browse social networks at work?
  7. The influence of Facebook on teenagers.
  8. Mobile applications: helpful or harmful?
  9. It is ethical to display sex advertisements in social media?
  10. Fake images in social networks and their effect on people.
  11. Instagram makes people more selfish.
  12. The role of social media in education.
  13. Social networks and Internet bullying.
  14. Do social media guarantee Internet users confidentiality?
  15. Is it required to write grammatically correct messages when communicating via social networks?
  16. Should employees be fired if they behave inappropriately while using social networks?

Profound Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism

  1. What are the causes for racism?
  2. Why being a racist is immoral?
  3. Is racism an acute problem in the modern world?
  4. Are there any movements against racism at present?
  5. Is there any connection between crimes and the rise of racism?
  6. Is there any difference between the racism against men and that against women?
  7. Can racism be considered a mental disorder?
  8. Can racism disappear at all?
  9. Is it possible to fight against racism on one’s own?
  10. Can religions be the reason for racism?
  11. Are there still any cases of antisemitism in the USA?
  12. Does race matters?
  13. Is racism an artificially created issue?
  14. Are racism and homophobia related issues?
  15. Was racism considered advantageous for someone in the past?
  16. Confucianism as a means of resolving the issue of racism.
  17. Is it possible to justify racism?
  18. Are the representatives of all races treated equally by the US legislation?
  19. What countries have the highest racism rate?

Great Argumentative Essay Topics on Bullying

  1. Are there any methods for stopping bullying?
  2. How to behave with a victim of bullying?
  3. Negative effect of bullying at schools.
  4. School bullying is more widespread than the online one.
  5. How to save oneself from bullying?
  6. Why do people enjoy bullying others?
  7. Is there any connection between bullying and teasing?
  8. When does teasing transform into bullying?
  9. Are there any issues that make people start bullying others?
  10. Why do some people believe that bullying is not a problem?
  11. Feelings which a person experiences after bullying someone.
  12. People bullying others are criminals and should be punished.

LGBT Argumentative Essay Topics

Brilliant LGBT Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Sexual orientation in terms of biology.
  2. The difference between sexual orientation and gender identity.
  3. Movements in support of the LGBT communities.
  4. Nervous disorders of the LGBT people.
  5. Discrimination of people belonging to the LGBT community.
  6. Violence against LGBT people.
  7. Transgender people and their rights.
  8. Bisexuality.
  9. What does the notion “asexuality” means?
  10. Life of LGBT couples of different nationalities in the same state.
  11. Same-sex marriage: supporters and opponents.
  12. LGBT parenting.
  13. The history of transgender.
  14. The history of gays and lesbians.
  15. Bisexuality: its roots and evolution.
  16. The impact of the established cultural and social norms on the LGBT people.
  17. Was there a period in history when the attitude to the same-sex marriages was friendlier than at present?

Popular Feminist Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Feminism: specifics, features, details.
  2. The relation between activism and feminism.
  3. Feminism: identifying a personality.
  4. Autonomy and obligation in terms of sex.
  5. The role of the Internet in publicizing feminism.
  6. Sex and gender: examining the difference between two issues.
  7. The effect of the movement #MeToo.
  8. Feminism as a form of men discrimination.
  9. Parenting: the importance of gender.
  10. The impact of the beauty industry and mass media on women.
  11. Feminism: a try to protect women rights or a threat to men?
  12. Feminism: a need or a homage to fashion?
  13. The main concepts and principles of feminism.
  14. Feminists: unattractive women filled with hate for men.
  15. Feminism in the modern world: ideas and believes.
  16. The most popular myths about feminists.
  17. What methods do feminists employ to achieve their goals and fight for the right to have their own outlook on life?
  18. Feminists should be granted the same human rights as other people.
  19. Sexism and its modern forms.
  20. Identifying gender roles.
  21. Why domestic violence occurs and how to handle the issue?
  22. Feminism and its achievements.
  23. The ideas put forward by feminist critics. Are they constructive?
  24. Are women’s rights infringed in the modern world?
  25. Drawbacks of feminism in its modern form.
  26. Key trends of feminism.
  27. Is there any connection between feminism and the number of crimes?
  28. What challenges do feminists face in the modern world?
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Superior Global Warming Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. All nations have enough resources and power to stop global warming.
  2. The connection between gas emission and temperature rise.
  3. Global warming is a trick used by some scientists to distract people’s attention from serious problems awaiting for them.
  4. People should not make any efforts to handle the issue of global warming, as they can worsen the situation.
  5. Current methods used to solve the problem of global warming are inefficient. It is required to look for other ways of handling the issue.
  6. There should be more information about the temperature rise and its consequences.
  7. There are no clear proofs of danger of global warming.
  8. The negative effect of climate change is exaggerated greatly.
  9. Fighting global warming: too little is done.
  10. Global warming is a natural process and people have nothing to do with it.
  11. Is deforestation somehow connected with the rise of temperature?
  12. The influence of smoke, gases and other harmful substances on atmosphere.
  13. The causes and consequences of the greenhouse effect.
  14. No emission of CO2, no global warming.
  15. Global warming – real environmental threat or wrong measurements?
  16. Detailed analysis of temperature fluctuations over a long period of time.
  17. A huge increase in the number of cars as one of the reasons of global warming.
  18. Does global warming have a temporary character?
  19. The medieval period: specifics of temperature increase.
  20. Global warming as the reason of floods: how dangerous are they?
  21. Is there any connection between global warming and storms and droughts?
  22. Can global warming make people become more responsible?
  23. What continents suffer from climate changes most of all?
  24. The influence of global warming on plants and animals in general?
  25. Can steep temperature rise cause quick growth of plants?
  26. Global warming as a means of controlling people’s consciousness.
  27. Extraordinary weather conditions caused by global warming.

Health Care Argumentative Essay Topics

Gripping Health Care Argumentative Essay Topics

Since the health care system of the USA has been reformed, one may encounter some difficulties in choosing a worthy subject to create an essay on. Some topics are confusing, others – tricky and very complex. In order to help students select an interesting theme for their papers, we have compiled a list of the health care topics which they may consider engaging.

  1. Considerable alterations in the political system of the USA have been made. As a result, some modifications have been introduced to the health care area. What exactly has been reformed and how has it influenced people?
  2. Staying healthy is very expensive for Americans. How can the cost of health care services be lowered?
  3. Recently, a heart surgery clinic has been opened in India. Surgeons usually perform about five operations a day. It is necessary to state that not all advanced countries have such hospitals. How is it possible that a clinic in India without air conditioning is considered one of the best establishments performing heart surgeries in the world?
  4. Is the US health care system efficient? Are the implemented changes useful or harmful? Can they ruin the whole health care sector?
  5. Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is very popular among people. However, those who have not gotten the required help believe that it is just a waste of their time and financial resources. They become convinced that cosmetic surgery cannot help people succeed in life. Thus, should insurance cover such services?
  6. In a large number of regions, alternative methods of medicine have been employed. Nevertheless, doctors admit that there is not enough data about the efficiency of the mentioned methods. Should alternative medicine be covered by insurance?
  7. In recent times, many discussions about mental health have been held in the USA. A considerable number of people state that such an issue as mental health is neglected what makes many people suffer from respective disorders. Is there a good way out of such a situation?
  8. Is it a good solution to attach metal clinics to high schools in the USA?
  9. The cost of people’s health: why are medical services so expensive?
  10. Why are so many people looking for medical treatment in other countries?
  11. Corruption in the health care area in Eastern Europe: how does it affect patients? Can people get professional medical help under the circumstances?
  12. The oldest medical traditions: are they still effective?
  13. Doctors receive too high financial compensations. Provide arguments to support the statement.
  14. What steps should be taken to avoid seeing doctors? Is it enough to do morning exercises to stay healthy?
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