Our Special Services 

Progressive Delivery 

    Our special feature for extensive and intricate papers of 20+ double-spaced and 10+ single-spaced pages is referred to as a progressive delivery. With this service at hand for only +15% of the order price, you will:
  • a. Monitor and control the writing process if you want since a writer will send drafts/parts to you even before the fixed deadline expires. Your feedback and comments will be wholeheartedly accepted!
  • b. Have a personal manager who will facilitate the communication process between you and your writer and make it fast, efficient, and productive.
  • c. Have one of the most experienced and qualified writers composing your paper as well as one of the best editors checking it.
  • d. Be able to demand free revisions for 30 days instead of the usual 2 days.

NOTE: The number of drafts sent depends on the amount of time you give for the completion of the task. Please, mind that in case there are:

a. 4 or less days, you will have 1 draft with 25% of the paper completed once 50% of the given time passes. It means that if you order 32 pages to be done in 4 days, you will receive 8 pages in 2 days. 

b. 5-11 days, you will have 2 drafts with 25% and 50% of the paper completed once 25% and 50% of the given time passes respectively.

c. 12+ days, you will have 3 drafts with 25%, 50%, and, of course, 75% of the paper completed once 25%, 50%, and 75% of the given time passes respectively.

If any of these delivery schedules does not meet your needs and some modifications are required, they will be done! All you should do is to inform the personal manager of your orders about what you need and want. Either of plans will be individualized for you.

Specialties for Short Orders

Our special features for short papers of fewer than 20 double-spaced and 10 single-spaced pages are:

a. Draft. If you choose to pay for a draft, you will receive a preview of the paper after 50% of the given time passes. Its length will be either 300 or 600 words depending on spacing. So, if you order 5 double-spaced pages to be done within 10 days, you will receive 300-words draft in 5 days.

b. Extended revision. This option is for those who think that they might need to ask for improvements of the paper. With this service, the usual period of revisions that lasts 2 days is prolonged to 2 weeks.

c. Summary. This option is for those who might need to present the results of research in class. A 1-page summary (300 words) with all major points of the paper briefly recounted will prove handy in this case.